Why Mediation is the Best Option for Divorcing Couples

By on May 24, 2019

Divorce mediation is becoming a much more popular way for couples to settle their divorces. Divorce court proceedings can be prohibitively expensive and leave couples feeling unsatisfied with the outcome. However, the use of mediators is an excellent idea which assists couples to come up with agreed upon solutions to their disputes.

The benefits of mediation include:

Fewer Costs

Court and lawyer fees can quickly add up. For instance, you have to pay the attorney’s fees for consultation, determination of assets and information, drafting vital documents, representation, and anything else that comes up, which can all lead to a considerable sum. Also, court proceedings can foster conflicts between couples since they don’t encourage communication between you and your spouse.

 However, through separation mediation, couples are encouraged to avoid unnecessary wastes of their resources. This is because they agree to make things better, less costly and less hostile and even lengthy mediation sessions save the parties a lot as compared to an adversarial divorce.

Less Stress

Divorce mediation grants an opportunity for both parties to work with a mediator to solve their disputes outside the courtroom setting. Therefore, the environment is less stressful and less formal. People in court settings tend to feel more stressed and like a helpless bystander rather than an active participant.  A court consumes more time, and the judge decides the outcome which is not the case in a mediation process.

More Control

A mediation process cannot force couples to do something or give up something. Therefore, the mediator assists both parties to reach an agreement willingly. Also, a divorce attorney mediator has the skills to show couples the best possible approaches to an amicable divorce.

In a mediation process, couples plan their finances and how their children will be supported and also how their property, including homes, accounts, and investments, will be divided.

Saves Time

Mediation is more time efficient compared to court proceedings which can take years to finalize. This increases the legal fees, leads to more stress and can bring the couples’ personal lives to a halt.

However, mediation encourages couples to communicate with each other through the help of a mediator, thus saving time. Also, mediation permits couples to work on their schedule instead of being forced to attend scheduled hearings.

Better for Children

Mediations are better for any children involved in the divorce proceedings. This is because couples work together while keeping the interests of the children involved in mind. Also, mediation makes the process of co-parenting much smoother and easier since both parties can agree on issues the living arrangements for the children, parenting, parental access, and education.

Focus on the Future

Mediation mostly focuses on the future and helps in setting the stage for any future interactions and communication of the parties involved. It’s likely that couples will be able to collaborate and find solutions in the future via mediation.

Flexibility and confidentiality

A mediation process is more flexible and confidential. This is because it allows the couple to mediate in private instead of parading their issues in a courtroom. Also, mediators can be a source of information on the divorce process and grant couples more flexibility since they can honestly discuss their concerns.

There are various benefits associated with divorce mediation services, and several people prefer mediation since it’s controlled, as compared to a court where the judge makes the decisions which might not favor both parties. Also, through negotiation, the process is easier for the children involved and assists in maintaining privacy as well as dignity.

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