Where To Find The Best Family Lawyer In Singapore

By on December 15, 2021

Falling out of love with your husband or wife has reasons behind that the court has to find out. But, it is no longer covered by the court, which a family lawyer can work on. Any married person can experience some family issues that most parties end up separating. But, these issues remain questionable since they are not yet legally separated. Both parties just decided to live apart from each other.

Singapore Family Lawyer is at who can explain everything in dealing with family issues from counseling to filing a divorce.

Find a good family lawyer

The reason why plaintiffs and defendants find a good family lawyer is to ask for legal advice from them. Whether it will be marriage counseling, children custody matters, or a divorce. It is best to do everything in legal terms to fully achieve a headache-free and freedom from burden in your marriage life. Knowledge about finding a good family lawyer is a must. Of course, you don’t want to end up getting a lawyer who is not competitive enough to fight for the case you have filed.

Filing A Divorce

Evaluate the lawyer whom you talk to, to know the kind of family lawyer and legal service you need. As a plaintiff and defendant, there are several things that you need to understand about the divorce lawyer you are getting. There are three kinds of lawyers in Singapore that you need to know and understand, namely:

  1. Solo divorce lawyer. A kind of divorce lawyer under a law firm in his name. Or, it is a part of a small law firm serving as a partner. The divorce lawyer has a secretary and no staff. To distinguish the factor, this is a divorce lawyer that handles the case personally. A solo divorce lawyer will charge a client for a small fee on the first consultation to make sure that he/she is serious. It always keeps in touch with the client while handling the case and usually charges at an affordable price.
  2. Divorce law firm. It usually consists of a lawyer working with several associates in one law firm. With this structure, the lawyer can handle several divorce lawyers compared to a solo divorce lawyer. In this case, these lawyers can provide free consultations and take the risks whether they are getting a client or not. These divorce lawyers owed a more polished profile to the clients.
  3. Expensive divorce lawyer. These lawyers are affiliated with larger law firms. They have strong reputations. These divorce lawyers represent people with enough or greater financial means. Therefore, expect that you will be charged greater than you expected.

To conclude, all these family lawyers are still effective and reliable. Clients must understand that they must begin with their shortlisting of a divorce lawyer in Singapore. Singapore Family Lawyer is at, check them and ask for legal services.

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