Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

By on June 25, 2020

In this article, you will get to know what to expect from thoracic spine injuries. Thoracic spine is responsible for keeping the body upright and to provide stability. In California, a total of 12000 to 15000 spinal cord injuries have been reported. Out of them, 10,000 have been suffering from permanent paralysis. Most of the thoracic spinal cord injuries take place due to slip and fall, roads accidents, and sometimes due to faulty surgeries.

Outlook of the injury:

Patients suffering from thoracic injuries live independently. The injury in thoracic spine is a serious one and you should immediately seek medical assistance for the same. The diagnosis of thoracic injuries depends on the severity of the case but in general, the patients continue to live a normal life without making much change in lifestyle. The biggest problem with thoracic spinal cord injury is that the patient is unable to keep a control on bowel movements. However, with time, they can get used to this. Patients suffering from this injury will be paraplegic in most of the cases where the following things can be expected from the patient.

    • The patient can eat on their own
    • Might use wheelchairs
  • May not require any support for getting out of the wheelchairs
  • Can drive modified cars with system of hand control
  • Normal breathing with inadequate stamina

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Effects of damaged thoracic spine:

The effects can both be minor as well as major depending on how severely your back has been injured. When the damages are severe, the patient is likely to suffer from one of the following ailments:

  • Extra bone growth or bone spurs
  • Hunched back, also known as Kyphosis
  • Degeneration of discs where the cushions in between the vertebrae gets broken/damaged
  • Scoliosis i.e. abnormal bending or straightening of spines
  • Spondylosis

As far as the impact is concerned, the patient can live independently with thoracic spine injuries. Certain assistance might be needed like wheelchairs or walker might be needed with moderate lifestyle changes. Most of the injuries take place near the region of T11 and T12 spinal column. When this happens, the chances are that the patient will be suffering from paraplegia. In such a situation, the patient can still live an independent life with the support of a wheelchair and extra support devices has to be installed in their cars.

Treatment needed for Spinal cord injury:

The thoracic spine injuries are less complicated than the injuries in cervical cord. The suitable treatment needed for it includes:

  • Traction
  • Surgeries
  • Stem cell therapies

One of the major treatment is that is a must in this injury is physiotherapy, which is an integral part of rehabilitation. People suffering injuries between T6& T12 can easily maintain the trunk of their body. It is a must for the patients with thoracic injuries to take physical therapies.

*Besides this, another aspect that requires due consideration is the mental health. It is quite true that after an injury, there will be a paramount effect on the mental health of the individual. So, the psychiatrists will play a huge role in the recovery process.

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