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By on September 14, 2017

One of the leading drugs prescribed for Psychotic issues is Abilify. This drug is widely famous as it is mostly prescribed apart from other drugs. This drug treats different Schizophrenic issues. People suffering from hallucination, delusions, emotional imbalance, harming self, disordered thinking, unable to take any decisions, not accepting the practical truths and also suffering from severe mood swings are advised to take Abilify. The reason for doctors to prescribe this drug is that it regulates the production of the serotonin and dopamine in Central Nervous system. Usually the drugs given for psychotic issues will cease the neuro transmitters to improve the metal system for complete recovery.

How it works?

Abilify maintains and regulates the levels of transmitter for balancing in the brain. Along with this it under stimulates in central nervous system causing behavioral issues. As the central nervous system of the patient is affected, he or she gets behavioral issues which leads to addiction. Many patients that used this drug have developed compulsive behavior such as sex addiction, gambling addiction and other kind of addictions that includes compulsive shopping. There are many families that suffer with the behavior of the patients that take this drug as they spend money for abilify complusive shopping.  The patient that suffers from this issue shops uncontrollably. The person suffers from compulsion for shopping and the stress or the pressure inside the mind for shopping compels the person to shop without limit.   

Repercussions of taking Abilify

Due to repercussions of this drug families and people have lost a lot of money and also it affected the behavioral system of the person severely. Therefore litigations have been raised against the manufacturer of Abilify. The manufacturer secretly kept about the risk and dangers of taking this drug. Abilify manufacturer has paid compensation and fine and the advertisers and marketers have come up with labels warning the people about the risk of taking this drug. This drug has brought type 2 diabetes in children and elders got severe diabetes issues.

Illegal market

Though the truth about Abilify is exposed, it is still on the roll in the market illegally as they have give variety of offers for the doctors. Many doctors prescribe this drug though they are aware of the risk and dangers as they are treated with compliments, gifts, money, resort bookings and many other recreational activates. The illegal distribution and prescription of this drug is increased to a lot. There are many people seeking for compensation from the manufacturer for the loss they have faced by taking Abilify.

Raise litigation

 Regarding raising the litigation against Abilify manufacturer, Med Law Groups is the best. This law firm has already dealt with this case.  Any people or family that suffers from repercussion of Abilify can raise a litigation to get appropriate compensation from the manufacturer. These days the usage of Abilify is increased. Special and experienced attorney from Med Law Groups will deal the litigation and will seek the justice for the clients regarding getting full compensation.

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