Online Employment dispute Settlement in Singapore

By on December 5, 2021

With the pandemic going on, almost everything has available on the online platform. It is convenient for both the customers and the service providers. The work from home trend also started, where employees work from miles away from the company. When an employment dispute happens, they have to come to the official office from their home amidst all the restrictions.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if these disputes could be managed online as well? It will benefit both parties and also save their time. So, the Ministry of Manpower has announced that in employment disputes singapore, whole proceedings will be handled online by 2023. For complex cases, the dispute settling can undergo offline.

According to the statistics released by MoM and Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management (TADM), more local employees filed dispute cases over owed salaries and wrongful dismissals in 2020. However, the overall employment claims or appeal had decreased in 2020 than in 2019.

 Also, according to the report released, the foreign employees filing the claim fall in 2020. The main reasons for that could be during COVID who lost their job when they didn’t get the job in the time they must have left to their own country and couldn’t attend or filed the proceedings from there within the first month of their dismissal. It’ll also help them file the claim and attend the proceedings when they are not able to present in person. 

Benefits of this Step

  1. Saves time of the employer and employee: If the dispute settlement can be managed online, it saves time for them to come to the authorities and use their save time to do other works.
  2. Convenient: Well, it is very convenient for them as they can attend the hearing virtually from the comfort of their home.
  3. Increased efficiency: The dispute settlement can take time, and with everything handled online, the efficiency of the process would be increased, and the suffering of employees would be reduced. This includes the advisory stage, lodging a claim, mediation and negotiation, and payment monitoring which will speed up the process.
  4. Security: It will offer disputants a secure and confidential online platform to settle disputes. It’ll also help the authorities negotiate the terms and handle the dispute.
  5. Thus, managing employment disputes online has many advantages. With the speed of technology of AI is evolving, it will take no time for people to get habituated to using technology in most of their daily lives matter.
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