Know the Importance of Law Constitution

By on January 12, 2017

Law is one of the government rules that direct every individual in the region. It is also essential in the society to rule the nation trouble-free and peaceful. The law is initiated through man-made and every individual under the nation should follow the law. But, not everyone follows the law in whatever situations. The main aim of the law was established to control the abusive actions done in the nation. The justice is the main role in the law that any individual cause any abuse actions, then they need to contact the law for their justice. The law gives both to the individual who is a good or bad person in the nation; the punishment is same for their abusive actions did to others. The equality, fairness that is fixed by the governments and courts is applicable for everyone in their jurisdiction. The law can provide the punishment based on their wrong actions and protect the person victim. If you didn’t have any choice where you can pick for, if you defy, then, you have to face the critical conditions. When the nation didn’t rule the law in every region, the people will completely do the abusive actions of all. If the nation strictly rules the law, the law will give the right decision to the individual who did the wrong actions in the nation.

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There are many abusive actions are done by the people such as murder, steal, trespass, damage, rape, bully and other terrorize actions. These are coming under the law that the individual will get the apt punishment for their actions. The government was separate the punishment based on their wrong activities. If any murder or steal activities frequently done in the nation; the government uses the specific law to reduce the number of such activities did in the future. Every year, around thousands and thousands of people involve in the abusive activities and the government also punish that the people. The punishment differs through their criminal actions; if the person did the murder the punishment is severe through spending their remaining days in the jail or others. Every day, the abusive activities are done in the nation in various places in the nation with the wrong person. The government also takes many steps to reduce such actions through the use of law in the nation. The law forever decides the right decision to give the justice to the people.

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