Importance of Legal Translation Services in Dubai

By on January 17, 2020

 To understand its importance not only in dubai, but in other countries, you need to understand some of the legal requirements that each nation makes when receiving certain types of foreign documents. In the case of dubai, this requirement comes as a result of Federal Decree No. 13,609 of October 21, 1943.

This decree indicates that no foreign document written in a language is valid in dubai. For them to be considered by a public agency, for example, it is necessary that they come with a translated version, thus giving rise to Legal Translation Services in dubai. So, in order to be recognized befLegal Translationore dubai public bodies, it is required that the documents be accompanied by a version translated into arabic.

It is also worth mentioning that the legal translation also makes documents valid abroad. In some cases, a legal translation into English is sufficient.

 How to request legal translation

 Note that the legal translation is a english version with public faith, that is, it officially reflects the content described in another language. Making an allusion, it is as if the legal translation was the notary’s authentication of a certain text, informing anyone who might be interested that it is, in fact, legitimate.

The same happens, for example, when you want to apply for Italian citizenship or Spanish citizenship and need the translated and legal documents in Italian.

In which cases it is mandatory

Whenever it is necessary to present a foreign document to a dubai authority, it must be accompanied by a legal translation. This is also true when you need to translate a document into another language to be presented abroad.

Among the most common cases of mandatory presentation we can mention:

Marriage with a foreigner: In this case, the public translation of the birth certificate, ID and other requested documents of the spouse of another nationality must be presented;

Studies / work abroad: in addition to the public translation of the foreigner’s identification documents, it is also necessary to translate certificates, school transcripts, etc. Still, there must be a legal translation of academic diplomas;

Citizenship requests: all documents of the foreign applicant;

Legal documents: minutes, contracts, judgments of lawsuits, powers of attorney, wills.

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How is a legal translation identified?

In general, public translation is initiated by identifying the translator, the translation number and the number of pages. The body must contain a faithful translation of the original document. And that includes signatures and all the graphic elements of the document like stamps and stamps, for example.

In the final paragraph, it is confirmed that the translation is complete and faithful to the original document. Such information is ratified by the name, stamp, registration number with the Board of Trade and signature of the legal translator .

What is the price of a legal translation?

To answer the question above, several factors need to be considered. Among them, the type of document to be translated, its size and the urgency for translation.

However, the pricing standard most used by professionals is that of pages. A page has 1000 characters, excluding blanks. Then, examine the document and count how many pages it has. On average, a page costs between R $ 40.00 and R $ 60.00, depending on the state of the translator’s performance.

It is also noteworthy that urgent and extraordinary translations (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) do not have pre-established values, as they must be agreed between the parties.

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