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By on April 13, 2020

How does the payment process work?

When an individual gets started with one of the services provided by the firm, an engagement letter will be sent to the person via mail or other means. This letter will contain proper details of the services that the person has opted for and also the payment details. Once the person goes through the details and accepts the term, a signature with the full payment will be required to initiate any of the quality legal services that they offer.

Are legal services affordable?

The firm comes up with several different packages with a fixed amount of fees. This helps the firm as well as clients to keep a track of what their money is being used in. The firm believes in quality legal services towards its clients, and affordable fees are an important attribute in defining that.

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Can the firm be trusted after the payment?

Many people may have this query,whether their money is in safe hands or not, it’s completely normal. And to help clarify the doubt, the firm has this temporary payment account called the trust account where the client’s payment is kept safely. This money stays there until the scope of the service is accomplished. If the results are not fulfilled, the money is refunded back to the client.

The firm follows proper rules and guidelines set by the higher law authorities and is completely regulated by the New South Wales government. So, one can rest assured that the trust money is handled properly.

What are the services that the firm provides?

The firm covers a wide range of services associated with business and start-ups. Some of them are Data and Privacy, Consumer Leases, E-commerce, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance, and so on.

How long do the services take?

Before proceeding into any kind of legal activity, the firm provides the clients with an expected delivery time, but this can depend based on the type of legal service, the complexities arising, the sharing of information and so on. Normally, the firm claims to get any kind of legal project done within 10-15 days.

What are the areas of specialization?

The law firm is set to provide accurate legal services to businesses and start-ups. These services are made to handle any type of legal obstacles to the client’s business or start-ups. The common specialization includes contract drafting, protection of intellectual property, adherence to the corporate and commercial law and so on.

Though the firm is strictly prohibited in legal services such as matters regarding disputes or litigation, and collection of debts. It also prohibits any indulgent into personal legal matters, such as inheriting of wills or estates.

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