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Josh Winterhalt is a well-known American who does mixed martial arts and teaches sports. He’s also known for marrying Sarah Wayne Callies, a famous actress. Winterhalt is into mixed martial arts, where he learns how to fight using lots of different moves from different sports.

He’s good at it and likes mixing the fighting styles to keep things interesting. He is also an outstanding sports teacher. People like him because he knows a lot about different sports and he’s excellent at teaching them. He’s passionate about it and helps students do their best and be amazing at sports.


Josh Winterhalt was born in 1976 in New Hampshire, USA. By his birth year, he’s 47 years old and an American citizen. Winterhalt is a famous American who is known for his involvement in mixed martial arts and his role as a sports instructor.

He is into mixed martial arts, where he learns a group of moves from different sports to fight with. He’s perfect and enjoys mixing the fighting styles to keep it fun. Plus, he’s a great sports teacher. People love him because he knows a ton about different sports and is incredible at teaching them.

Other than that, we only know a little about his birthday, family, or early years. But considering his success, his parents likely raised him well. He went to Dartmouth College for his studies, but we only know a little about his education. Josh is American, but we’re still determining his zodiac sign.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Joshua Michael Winterhalt
  • Nick Name: Josh Winterhalt
  • Birth Place: New Hampshire
  • Profession: mixed martial artist and sports teacher
  • Nationality: American
  • Relationship Status: married
  • Wife: Sarah Wayne Callies
  • Married Date: July 21, 2002
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Education: Dartmouth College
  • Kids: 2


As of 2024, he is 47 years old and was born in New Hampshire, America. Josh Winterhalt always gives his all in sports. He puts in his best effort every time, whether practicing, competing, or teaching others.

Josh Winterhalt


Josh Winterhalt is a widely recognized American-trained martial artist who teaches martial arts in schools. He’s experienced in the entertainment world, too. After college, Josh kept following his love for martial arts, and there’s talk that he might have even started his own martial arts school, although we’re not sure.

Some say he got into the entertainment world through his wife’s work. In the movie business, Josh has done it all—acting as a body double, trainer, and choreographer for action stars. In his career, Winterhalt has focused chiefly on martial arts.

He’s good at it and makes a good living from teaching and practicing. But most people know him as Sarah Wayne Callies’ husband. She’s been in a group of famous TV shows and movies.

Sarah’s TV journey began with roles in shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Dragnet.” She later landed parts in “Tarzan” and “Prison Break,” where she played Sara Tancredi. She’s also been busy in the movie world with films like “Whisper” and “Into the Storm.”

Sarah’s been in the spotlight as Lori Grimes in “The Walking Dead” and Katie Bowman in “Colony.” In addition to her TV and movie work, Sarah has been involved in projects like “Resurrection: Prison Break” and “This Is Your Death.”


Josh Winterhalt married American actress Sarah Wayne Callies on July 21, 2002. They first crossed paths while attending Dartmouth College. Together, they have two kids named Keala Winterhalt and Oakes Wayne. Furthermore, there’s no sign of trouble for the couple. Josh is firmly focused on his career.

Net Worth 

As of now, Josh Winterhalt has yet to receive any awards or notable recognition for his work. However, his wife, Sarah, has snagged a few. 2012, she took home the Satellite Award for Best Cast–Television Series.

She’s also been nominated for the Saturn, Scream, and Leo awards. Winterhalt’s estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2022, while his wife Sarah’s is around $3 million.


In conclusion, Winterhalt is a hardworking martial artist and sports teacher. He’s also a great husband to actress Sarah Wayne Callies. Even though he keeps a low profile, his dedication to his work and family shines through. With his skills and love, he’s making a positive difference in his job and personal life.

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