Benefits of getting health insurance for expats

By on October 6, 2021

The insurance covers illnesses, injuries and the consequences of accidents that occur suddenly and unexpectedly. This can be the case for example with an acute gastrointestinal infection, the occurrence of the serious flu or severe toothache. The costs of foreseeable illnesses, such as chronic or unhealed illnesses, cannot be insured. This is the case, for example, if it was known before the start of the trip that the chronic illness – for example, high blood pressure – could cause complications during the trip. If you are pregnant, treatment in the event of complications or early delivery can also be included in the scope of expatriate medical insurance.

Some people travel to many countries fur to their job relocations and some people go because they get married and they relocate to their spouse place and in this case when you already have local insurance it may get wasted so it is advised to get foreign international health insurance.

expatriate medical insurance

The conclusion of a foreign health insurance is advisable for all trips abroad. In the countries that do not have an existing social security agreement, supplementary insurance serves as full protection against medical expenses. When travelling to countries that have an agreement with the country in which you stay, however, this travel insurance can serve as a supplement to the basic insurance cover. It is advisable to take out insurance when booking the trip. If you take out an annual policy, you do not have to select a new insurance cover before each trip, because the insurance automatically applies to all trips in the insurance year. The insurance cover only expires upon termination. So it is advised to get proper insurances according to your requirements so as to get it claimed when needed

Reporting in the event of a claim

Before claiming the benefits from international health insurance, it is particularly important to report the claim as quickly as possible. The report to the insurer does not have to be made immediately in writing; a phone call to the respective insurance company is usually sufficient. Many companies have a service hotline that is manned around the clock. If possible, employees should be contacted before admission to the hospital or before treatment with a doctor. All necessary documents, such as invoices and detailed damage reports, can be submitted retrospectively. Alternatively, you can an insurance case with a completed claim form contact the company.

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