What do you have to check when you buy solar lights?

By on August 24, 2022

Using solar bollard lights is the best thing that you can use for outdoor lighting. It is because they are simple and affordable to install where it is eco-friendly. It will not add to your monthly bill. Many people like to use it in their homes because of its benefits. The market for solar has innovated, but it means that the customers now have a new industry. They don’t have an idea of what they have to look for when they start to compare. There will be different solar lights that have different levels of quality. You can differentiate it from its power storage to service life.


People will understand the idea of using solar lights. It needs to work when you direct it from the sunlight to charge the solar panel during the day. It will store its energy to power the lights at night. The more autonomy the solar light can have, the longer you can use it without getting it charged. It can have an affordable battery that allows you to stay bright for a few hours without direct sunlight. It can be a problem in the tropics, where it will only shine year-round, but there will be ineffective lights. You can use solar lights in the northern latitudes when you need more autonomy. Good solar lights will have a high-capacity lithium battery. You can use stored power more for long hours in the dark and even during a storm.

solar bollard lights

Power storage

Autonomy is an essential factor you must know about in solar lights and power storage. It will measure how efficiently it can convert its sunlight to a battery charge. When you have solar lights with good power storage, it needs a lesser time to charge a low battery. It will continue to work within a few daylight hours. Power storage will not be the same as the charging time. Getting a low-capacity battery can make it full charge faster than a bigger one. But using a high-quality one will have good power storage.

Working temperature

You know there are challenging climates for the lights compared to the others. There will be moisture mixed with hot and cold, weakening the batteries and the solar cells. It will not survive long because of the different temperatures in your place. You have to secure your installation by choosing solar lights that have a high tolerance.

Luminous flux

It will be the amount of light output a lighting bollard will give and measured in lumens. When you have low-quality solar light, LED lights are good at giving you a good amount of lumens. But they can only do it with a limited power source. The less expensive models can produce under 100 lumens, while the other is higher. When your solar lights can lower, you must install them frequently. Depending on the path size, you will have more bollards that can cost the project.

The solar light can help you lighten up your place without adding to your electric bills. Many people are using solar lights because they are a practical move. It is where you want to light up your house without spending too much. They are eco-friendly when installed. It will be a big help to lighten the way that is dark at night. You must be careful when choosing the best solar lights to manage the temperature.

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