The important do’s and don’ts of buying a bi-folding door set

By on April 8, 2019

Bi-folding doors are very trendy, very compact, and very practical to use and ideal for every household. However, finding the best bi-folding door is not that simple, especially that there are a lot of designers out there and manufacturers that incorporate different approach and designs to this one-of-a-kind door which is very popular to a lot of homeowners.

To help you out in buying the best bi-folding doors in the market, in this article, you get to learn some important guidelines about the dos and the don’ts when you buy a bi-folding door for your from the best UK bi folding door supplier.


  • Do inspect the actual unit that you want to buy- By-folding doors vary hugely when it comes to its cost and its quality, and when you are very considerate about your money, you should always remember to view the showroom personally because in this way, you can physically check and assess how sturdy and the quality of the unit, because the last thing that you want to have is disappointment for failing to check the unit by directly buying it just because you saw a brochure of it online or from someone.

UK bi folding door supplier

  • Do check its threshold- By-folding doors are very convenient and very compact, however, there are some issues that surround it particularly its threshold where it is not that good when it comes to holding on to different weather conditions especially during rain. Do ask about its weather guarantees. Make sure that if your bi-folding door is installed for the access of your inside and outside portions of your house, to ask the weather guarantee on low thresholds. Make sure that it has a rebated threshold.
  • Do get an insurance backed guarantee- Make sure that whichever you buy the bi-folding doors from, you should ask for an insurance backed guarantee. The insurance backed guarantee will provide you peace of mind that the company or the manufacturer of the bi-folding doors will guarantee you to fix it or replace it if there are any defects.
  • Do purchase bi-folding doors that passed building regulation standards- Make sure that the building regulation standards are updated, so you better ask the sales agent if their products have passed the standards that are implemented in making sure that it meets the quality set in the market.


  • Don’t avoid your bi-folding doors with an external track- This is because that there are some bi-folding doors available in the market that has an external track that the door slides along. These doors are not designed for bi-folding doors and this is associated to be a security risk because the track can be detached easily.
  • Don’t purchase a bi-folding door purely on its price- It does not mean that it is very expensive, you assured yourself that it is completely sturdy and made from the best materials. Make sure that when you buy bi-folding doors, the price and the quality is well-balanced and always choose a reliable brand.

·         Don’t buy bi-folding doors with floating mullions- It is not recommended that you buy with floating mullions because it is an extra piece of material which is not necessarily needed to make your bi-folding door function properly. Also, it is priced separately.

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