Five common bedroom design mistakes that you can easily avoid

By on May 19, 2019

Since people spend one-third of their lives in bed which means that they spend more time sleeping, however, there may be a little bit of active awake time in there like hanging out, killing time, procrastinating, and just simply resting, and regardless of what the activity is, your surroundings are very important and with that in mind you may not notice some common mistakes that you do in your bedroom design that needs to be corrected right away because your sleeping quality might be affected, and also your overall well-being might be affected as well.

Check out these simple but very common mistakes that you should stop according to in designing your bedroom now. For great quality beds and mattresses check out 1StopBedrooms bedrooms coupon code to avail of its new promos.

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  • The wall color is jarred- The bedroom should always be a low stimuli sanctuary, meaning you should not use any bright colors that do not make your eyes relaxed. Make it a room that has painted walls with soothing colors like light and neutral colors, or somehow darker shades. If you want for a moody and saturated color, try a deep navy or charcoal color which will help your eyes feel more relaxed instead of stimulated.
  • You do not have a run inside your room- One way to warm up your space is placing a rug that is relatively large that covers a flooring of your entire bedroom because this makes sure that your feet are kept warm during the cold nights, and also rugs are perfect to make it soothing for your feet. Just make sure that the rug is not too small, also if your bedroom’s wall is already carpeted, placing a rug is an option because your room is already warm from the carpeted walls.
  • You have a very big bed- Who does not want a big bed filled with fluffy pillows? Everyone wants one, however, not everyone has the privilege of having a spacious bedroom which is why having a big bed that it virtually consumes all the space available in your bedroom is a bad idea. A bed that is too big will leave you with lack of walking and storage space, plus a huge headboard or bedframe can also make your bedroom look cramped up even when it is not.
  • You block the access of natural light- Every time you placed something in front of your window, you blocked the natural lighting from entering your room, this goes the same way if you have other natural light sources because you are totally blocking it especially if you placed posters, floor lamps, or overheads near the window. Make sure that you do not block the window from any obstruction that prevents natural light to enter.
  • Your bed is very low- If you feel comfortable lying on a bed that is too low, you should reconsider it because a bed that sits higher off the ground tends to feel a bit comfortable and more elegant to watch, and also you can store a lot of things underneath it if you opt to buy a bed that has a higher space underneath it. Try buying a bed that has a bed frame and built-in drawers so that your excess items can be stored under there. If you want to get discounts to check out 1StopBedrooms coupon code.
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