Everything You Should Know About Ballistic Doors

By on December 22, 2021

Most Businesses and even residents require more protection and safety than others of their entrances or rooms containing valuable items, documents, or safes. Such space cannot be contained well with ordinary doors and must be protected best by installing ballistic or bullet-resistant doors. These kinds of doors are known for their strength and attack resistance power. Hence, we will be discussing more ballistic entrances and why they are useful. 

What Is A Ballistic Aka Bullet Resistant Door?

Ballistic doors are bullet as well as blast-resistant as they are manufactured by using some of

the toughest materials like veneered wood or cold-rolled steel. They must be tested and certified to match the best standards. They are today available in a variety of styles, materials, as well as protection levels. While many people tend to choose from the available options in the market, many also opt for custom designing their doors to get their specifications met most appropriately. Their specifications can range from materials to appearance. 

Different Kinds

Doors that come with ballistic design are extremely functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. In terms of their function and working, they have multiple selections from swing to sliding doors and from automatic to simple opening. They are manufactured in an array of sizes that can fit in every kind of building and structure easily no matter how big, short, or narrow the entrance is. 

About Ballistic Doors

Why Would You Need A Door That is Ballistic Proof?

Ballistic doors are most significant for those who want a safer and extra secure entrance for their space either commercial or personal. Industries and businesses like manufacturing, warehouses, banks, hospitals, ticketing agencies, and more. Even many restaurants and hotels also employ the usage of such doors to secure their building. Many people nowadays are also choosing to install such doors in their residential entrances for getting better protection against theft and attacks. These doors can resist bullets and deter any kind of theft or criminal attack anywhere. Thereby, usage and need of ballistic entrance are not limited to safehouses and business today but everywhere around. 

Doors With Windows 

Many ballistic entrances are fitted with windows made up of high-quality fiberglass to sustain any kind of attack or breaking in. Such doors allow people to look through the glass to see another side. They are essential for those requiring customer or security contact and can make activities and interactions safer and easier without even opening the door. 


Ballistic or bullet-resistant doors are manufactured by experts and by complying with different measures and standards for the best protection. They are one of the most vital choices amid other security equipment and installations and are used worldwide for safety. Installing one in your personal or commercial space will guarantee protection for your loved ones and better peace of mind.

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