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Type Of Awnings

By on March 10, 2022

1) Awnings with extendable arms

When closed, these awnings have a minimum encumbrance since they are completely hidden in the box ; once open they can extend to guarantee shaded areas of different sizes according to need replacement picture windows in San Antonio.

Among the sunscreens with extendable arms by Bestende you will find:

A1 Premium arm tents : simplicity and resistance for very special environments

Ares arm tents : it adapts to any type of outdoor architecture thanks to its aerodynamic lines

Concept Box arm tents : sophisticated high-end system with integrated LED lights

Maximus arm awnings : functionality and design in a large multi-arm box

Aland arm curtains : elegant line for a minimalist design.

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2) Drop awnings

Drop – down awnings can be installed on terraces, balconies, verandas and on all those facades with integrated glazing. Among the drop-down solar screens from Bestende you will find:

Indico drop awnings : ideal for buildings without balconies

Nimbus drop awnings : designed for large windows

drop-down awnings Screen : protects from sun, wind and bad weather

Universal Zip 100 drop-down awnings : allows perimeter closures between existing walls and structures

Igloo drop awnings : ideal for integration into windows and upper coverings.

3) Horizontal awnings

These sun screens are designed for gardens, courtyards and large terraces as they adapt to any space, even large. Among the horizontal solar blinds from Bestende you will find:

Zen Rain horizontal awnings for safe outdoor spaces both in the sun and in the rain

Eos horizontal awnings to protect roofs and windows with elegance and personality

Gemini horizontal awnings to be used in areas without support areas

Bamboo horizontal awnings , perfect for covering large spaces

Uve horizontal awnings , creates unique environments thanks to a sophisticated design.

Which Awnings To Choose?

Choosing the right awnings for your home depends on several criteria: what is the area to be covered? What is the style of our home? What is the orientation of the facade? What are our needs? We have the best solutions for awnings with extendable, drop and horizontal arms.

During the hottest season, one of the biggest concerns is to minimize the impact that sunlight and heat can have on your home. It may happen that there are windows that are particularly exposed to the sun’s rays, which can therefore cause a significant increase in the temperature in the house. To try to reduce this inconvenience, without giving up lighting suited to the environment, window awnings can be installed . These are curtains designed and made to measure for your window, which allow you to limit the heat transmitted during the hottest hours of the day.

Depending on the type of window you want to screen, some solutions may be preferable to others.

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