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Six Indoor Mats That Are The Best 

By on June 14, 2022

Indoor mats serve many purposes. They may be responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and water out of your property, but they also have the potential to be a source of information and a marketing tool.

Printed logo mats

It’s easy to see why printed logo mats are so popular.

They are very affordable and they are eye-catching.

Logo mats can be used in many settings: shops, malls, and offices, schools, gyms, clubs, schools, etc.

Advanced printing techniques guarantee that any Pantone can faithfully be reproduced. This guarantees that your logo, text, or other imagery will look the same on the mat.

Custom logo mats can be inspiring – such as words of wisdom when you enter a school, learning institution, or another educational establishment.

Single-Color Entrance Mats

You don’t necessarily need a logo or text. What you want is a mat that is both functional and smart but still very affordable.

One-color mat is exactly that, it can be used for all purposes, and retains up to half the dirt and water as standard mats.

They can be ordered immediately and delivered the next day without the need for artwork reproduction.

This is often the best choice if you just need a mat that looks smart and does its job well, but you don’t care about it being used as a marketing tool or information tool.

Comfort Mats

Comfort mats are the best choice for people who need to stand for long periods, such as reception staff.

These mats are customizable and can be printed. Depending on the visibility, guests and customers will see them.

Standing for long periods can cause strain to the back and legs. This can lead to discomfort and even permanent damage.

Comfort mats make standing for extended periods much easier. They are designed to decrease the strain on the back, legs, and hips. Walking is great for your body but standing still for long periods is not. The blood needs to circulate.

Premium Entrance Mats

All indoor mats we sell are high quality. However, there will be occasions when you need the premium option.

We will always be happy to help you choose the right mat for your needs.

If you have many customers and they are likely to walk on the mat, this might be the best choice.

Custom logo mats

Rubber logo mats

Rubber logo mats made of cleated rubber provide extra safety in areas that are susceptible to spillages.

The boots and shoes are kept clean by the cleat design. A containment border traps moisture to prevent it from spreading to the floor.

These mats can have logos printed, but most often it is safety information such as a yellow-and-black design that includes ‘caution’.

These mats are available in indoor and outdoor ranges.

There are three sizes available – contact us if you have any special requirements.

Laminated Advertising Mats

There are so many indoor mat options, it was hard to choose.

We had to choose a sixth option and we chose laminated advertising mats.

These mats have the best graphic capabilities of all mats. Other mats can be hugely functional but also serve as marketing tools.

They are simple to use, durable, and eye-catching.

They are non-slip and don’t require floor adhesive. They are a great option for quick advertising – you can just place them anywhere and they will be visible.

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