What is cistus plus And Why Many People Are Taking It

By on January 31, 2019

Immunity is a term used to refer on one’s protection to any disease. It’s the ability of the body to ward off any harmful elements that can make one sick. Immunity is very essential to anyone because it avoids one to become sick all the time that causes discomfort, absences and spend extra on medicines that shouldn’t have to be spent in the first place. The fact is, immunity isn’t always in an optimum level, it does deplete depending on various factors.

These factors can be stress and constant exposure to harmful elements that can deplete one’s immunity. That’s why it’s important that you always replenish your immunity especially in seasons where sickness seems imminent. The better your immunity is, the lesser your instances will be in getting sick. If you observed that you’re getting sick constantly even once a month, it should be a red flag for you that you need to buff your immunity.

What do you do? One of the best ways for you to increase your immunity is to prevent or avoid getting exposed to potential harm, manage stress and take drugs that can boost it. In all of those measures to increase your immunity, the most convenient way and the surefire way to increase it is by taking boosting drugs like supplements. Why? Because its the only thing that you can control. If you’re a healthcare professional you can’t avoid getting exposed to harmful elements and if you’re in the corporate world you’re always exposed to stress.

What should you buy: Usually these immune-boosting drugs are considered as a maintenance drug. So if you’re going to buy one, at least buy something that has multiple elements that can increase your immunity like Cistus Plus. What is Cistus Plus? Basically, it’s an immune-boosting drug that aims to replenish and increase your immunity. But what made it unique than other immune-boosting drugs is that it has more qualities that can guarantee more protection. Cistus Plus has:

fight harmful elements

  • Antibiotic effects for bacterias
  • Antimicrobial properties for viruses
  • Antihistamine properties for allergies
  • Anti-inflammatory properties for inflammation

It can do that much: Most immune-boosting drugs has vitamin c properties and nothing more. But not Cistus Plus. It has the necessary ingredients to ensure that you will have increased immunity, manage stress and keep the harmful elements at bay, Cistus Plus contains:

  • Vitamin C: For disease prevention
  • Vitamin D3: For immunity
  • Pomegranate Seeds: For WBC activity acceleration and detox
  • Bitter Orange: Enables the body to absorb more vitamin c
  • Rutin: Strengthens the blood vessels so that your body can efficiently fight harmful elements
  • Zinc Oxide: Helps with WBC production
  • Ellagic Acid: A very potent antioxidant
  • Bioflavonoid: Helps prevent cancer

Immunity is essential to one’s survival and this is because it enables one to ward off and prevent sickness. Many people have been very sick because they got exposed to harmful elements and because they are in heavy stress which depleted their immunity. That is why it’s important that one should support their immunity by taking supplements. One of the popular ones that people take is the drug called Cistus Plus. It has multiple properties and ingredients that will make sure to increase your immunity.

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