What is CBD for vaping

By on March 3, 2022

To know what we are consuming when we vape CBD, it is necessary to know what exactly it is and what properties it has. Cannabis sativa is one of the oldest cultivated plants and has been used to make fabrics, for food… and of course, for medicine.  For all its uses, it is a plant that offers different benefits, although it is also in the midst of great controversy, since some of its compounds are psychoactive.

This ancient plant is made up of many types of cannabinoids THC, CBN, CBG… and among them is CBD or cannabidiol, which, together with THC, is one of the predominant substances in the plant, although depending on the variety, will be found in greater or lesser quantity.

CBD lacks psychoactive effects that is, it does not get you high, but it provides a state of relaxation, in addition to other benefits such as help against insomnia or stress, or its analgesic effect.

There are several ways to consume so it is important to know them before you consume so that you can select which one you want.

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Here are some ways:

Ingested or used topically CBD Oil

Inhaled: to smoke or vape.

The cbd vape pen for vaping recently became popular because it is a good alternative to enjoy the cannabidoid experience without psychotropic effects and without combustion. The CBD E-liquid contains the same as any vaping liquid, Vegetable Glycerin (GV), Propylene glycol (PG) and may also contain aromas.  In the best quality liquids, instead of adding artificial aromas, the liquid presents natural terpenes from the plant itself.

Terpenes are organic compounds present in cannabis plants and in many other plants.  They are, in fact, the main components of the essential oils of some plants.  These terpenes are aromatic molecules, the combination of which in different proportions will give our liquid its characteristic aroma, but they also modulate the effect of cannabinols in our case, CBD), which is why they also influence their beneficial effects.

By many countries legality, it cannot contain more than 0.2% THC, so it maintains sedative or relaxing properties without producing psychoactive effects.  These liquids also do not contain nicotine, alcohol, solvents, or animal extracts.

Although these eliquids are also known as “CBD vaping oil”, it is important to know that they are liquids made only for vaping and do not contain any oil they are not oils, they are water based, not lipid so it is important to not confuse them!

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