What Everyone Must Know About Sprained Ankle Treatment In Singapore?

By on March 18, 2022

A sprained ankle is the most commonly occurring injury.  This mainly occurs when the ligaments of the ankle are mainly injured or the same being stretched too far. Some of the important facts about the sprained ankle treatment Singapore have been discussed in this article.

Important information to know about the sprained ankle

 There are many factors that mainly cause the stretching of the ankle to such an extent it can cause a ligament injury. This mainly happens when the person’s foot is being turned inward or being twisted. Some of the below causes are:

  1. If a person mainly planted their foot in the wrong way at the time of running, stepping up or down. This also happens when someone is doing some of the everyday things like getting out of bed.sprained ankle treatment
  2. This may happen if the person mainly steps on any uneven surface, like in any hole.
  3. The ligaments can also be sprained when someone else mainly steps on some other person’s feet at the time of playing sports.

Different treatment options that are available for the sprained ankle

 For most ankle sprains the doctors mainly recommend the below treatment options such as:

  1. Protection. Here the patients mainly use crutches. Then they apply the brace to limit their use of the injured ankle.
  2. Rest. The patient needs to limit their physical activities which mainly cause stress to the sprain.
  3. Ice. The patient needs to apply ice or a cold pack in a towel to their ankle for 20-minute to reduce swelling. They may repeat this procedure to rescue the swelling.
  4. The patient needs to gently wrap their ankle in an elastic bandage to help reduce the swelling.
  5. Elevation. The patient needs to raise their ankle on the pillows while they are mainly sitting or lying down.

In most cases, to reduce the swelling the healthcare provider mainly suggests over-the-counter pain relievers. After the swelling as well as pain is reduced enough to resume movement, the doctor or the professional therapist will ask their patients to begin a series of exercises to restore their ankle’s range of normal motion, strength, flexibility as well as stability.

The mild, as well as moderate ankle, sprains mainly don’t require any surgery. These sprains mainly heal on their own, but it is necessary to rebuild strength in the ankle which can help in preventing future injuries.

These are some of the important facts to know about sprained ankle treatment in Singapore.

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