What do you mean by meningioma?

By on July 17, 2018

Between the membranes that covers the spinal cord and the brain there does arise the scope of a formation of a tumour. If the tumour is benign it could be serious and complications for the rest of your life stand to happen. You ought to understand the fact that it does grow in a slow manner. It all boils down to the location and it may assume a large size. Then only you could find the symptoms. Whereas in the case of others it may grow all of a sudden or growth spurts may emerge. In no way you can go on to predict on how long they have originated and what could be the symptoms as well.

If you are suffering from this tumour you are most likely to have a tumour at a single location. But the chances of tumours emerging in different parts of the body, particularly the brain or the spinal cord. When the growth takes place in multiple regions of the body then you can opt for multiple treatment options as well. When it is the brain tumour it does originate in the central nervous system.

The exact cause of this disorder is still not clear. It is assumed that some changes take place in the cell membrane. A protective carrier is formed around the spinal cord and the brain. There is no research or evidence available that it could arise due to genetic factors or not. Environmental factors could have a say or it could be a combination of both of them as well.

This is a disorder that is common in the age group of 40 to 70 years. Women are more likely to face it then men. But on the other side of the coin, it is lesser in case of children, with close to 1 % making up the total cases. In terms of the symptoms you could go on to experience headaches, seizures. The possibility of a personality disorder cannot be ruled out as well. In fact the symptoms could vary as per the location of the tumour. If it is located in the front side it could lead to lack of the brain functioning in the form of reasoning or memory. If it positions in the middle then the chances of leg weakness may arise as well.

In terms of the diagnosis you go on to undertake an MRI scan of the brain. Here the best results of the brain are being developed. The CT scan will help you to figure out whether there is any form of brain movement or not. Meningioma treatment in India is normally undertaken in various stages. Here the location along with the size of the tumour assumes a lot of importance. As far as the treatment is concerned it would include radiation, surgery or observation as well.

If meningioma is smaller in size the doctor may adopt a wait and watch approach. They are going to wait and then observe for a few days.

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