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By on April 16, 2022

What is the purpose of the Semi-Annual Physical Examination (6ME)?

Housework helpers work close to the families that employ them. Therefore, the employer must regularly send a house help to see a doctor. Therefore, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires all employers to send house help for a health check every six months on duty, 6me Singapore. This health check can detect pregnancy and infectious diseases like syphilis, HIV, and tuberculosis.

 The tests conducted for 6 ME and test frequency

  1. Pregnancy and VDRL every six months
  2. HIV every two years
  3. Tuberculosis (TB) every two years in Singapore
  4. 6ME process changes

The Singaporean authorities are modifying the 6ME process to increase caregiver support.

The 6ME Notification Email and Response after August 29, 2021, will include guidance on complying with the new requirements. You will receive an email and notification text to see the exact 6ME requirements for your assistant.

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All results, including HIV or TB tests, must be submitted to MOM

Only pregnancy and VDRL should be included, and only benign test results should be sent to MOM. All 6ME results must be submitted to MOM, which is independent of any attempt made by the wizard.

Who can submit a 6ME portfolio?

  • Clinic
  • employer
  • All results must be submitted to the clinic.

Where can you get 6ME?

  • Clinic
  • Employer’s house (only for nurses who do not need a tuberculosis test)
  • All 6MEs should be done in the clinic.

The results of the 6ME test must be examined by a doctor registered in Singapore, and the employer will bear 6ME and related medical expenses as a matter of principle. Employers can use our electronic FDW service to verify that the clinic has submitted support reports and reviews. The employer or agent will not participate during the inspection.

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