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By on September 11, 2022

An educational institution in Australia that specializes in personal training within the fitness industry. A platform with live events and market-leading online courses certified by more than 50,000 personal trainers and fitness professionals in more than 35 countries.

Clean Health is a leading provider of online fitness education worldwide. Their goal is to develop an industry-leading personal trainer with innovation in assisting the coaches to be their best selves. Therefore, if you are ready to start your fitness career and become a personal trainer, visit You can upskill with their courses from the categories, and you will get a discount of 40% on all non-accredited skill courses. If you are a personal trainer, the following program may be of interest to you, such as:

Personal Trainer Online

  • Becoming A Qualified Personal Trainer
    • Clean Health Of Master Personal Trainer Program
    • Personal Trainer – Nutrition Specialist
    • Personal Trainer – Strength Specialist
  • Short Courses
    • Building The Ultimate Squat For Personal Trainers
    • Evidence-Based Reverse Dieting Online Course For PTs
  • Nutrition Course
    • Performance Nutrition Coach Complete Certification
    • Layne Norton Complete Certification
    • Evidence-Based Reverse Dieting Online Course For PTs
  • Training Courses
    • Performance Nutrition Coach Complete Certification
    • Performance PT Coach Complete Certification
    • Strength System International Complete Certification
  • Digital Guided & eBooks
    • Bill Campbell’s Building Your Ultimate Body Guide – eBook
    • Ultimate Home Workout Guide
    • Maria Birova’s Fit Girl Guide
  • Sebastian Oreb Courses
    • Strength System International Complete Certification
    • Building The Ultimate Squat For Personal Trainers
  • Nutrition Software
    • iNutrition Pro
  • Layne Norton Courses
    • Layne Norton Complete Certification
    • Evidence-Based Reverse Dieting Online Course For PTs

What are the things best in fitness courses?

At Clean Health, they simplify the process of a certified and top-tier personal trainer. The passion for fitness can be a full-time profession with the assistance of a team of the elite trainer. Consequently, you can learn about the best fitness courses in these personal training fitness courses.

  • One-on-One Training

Every week, a personal trainer leads a progressive of individual workouts. Each session has made around a personalized fitness plan created with you, just for you.

  • Nutrition

You will earn a profit in years of nutritional knowledge, training, and experience as the personal trainers will guide you in creating balanced meals that suit your preferences, fitness goals, and style of living.

  • Reach Your Goals

Fitness courses can make you responsible for your progress while you work toward a goal. Also, it includes how they track your exercises and nutrition using apps.

  • All Inclusive

Your one-on-one personal training is the only thing you can get. You have unlimited access to a clean and welcoming gym, where you can work out whenever you want, and it’s convenient.

The Clean Health webpage they have designed software for diet programs based on the results of fitness professionals. The iNutrition Pro has more than 30,000 nutrition templates that enable you to create calorie-specific, structured diets in as little as two minutes. You can start a free trial for a fully customized, fast, easy, and free meal plan to start your fitness journey.

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