The Future Healthcare Leaders of America: AStudy by YasithWeerasuriya

By on September 29, 2021

Out of the manyhealthcare experts in America, there are some leaderswho can lead the healthcare sector of America in the future. The three main themes around which the practices of the healthcare specialist revolve areeasy access to care, cooperation, and culture.

The pandemic has been a time where easy access to care has been the most important,and as per YasithWeerasuriya, there are some leaders who have made the best out of it.

According to Yasith Weerasuriya, how influential personalities can change the healthcare system:

The following are some personality traits thatmight bring drastic changes to the healthcare industry in the US:

  • Foresightedness

The pandemic has challenged every sector of the healthcare industry, including healthcare services. No industry was ready for the hit COVID19 delivered. This is where farsightedness is necessary. A healthcare leader must be ready for any emergencies or problems that might hit the industry and have a backup for every scenario. Healthcare industry should always be ready for emergencies as it is deployed in the most gruesome scenarios.

  • Well-being of employees

Similar to other sectors, a leader of the healthcare sector should never avoid the well-being of his employeesas they are the base of the organization. There should be a model where the entire team could fearlessly discuss their goals, setbacks, and concerns and thereby developing an authentic culture. This will improve the mental well-being of the employees and make them loyal to your brand. Adding some fun activities, a transparent system, and an open-door policy will exponentially improve the employee experience. Moreover, a leader must sanction leaves related to medical issues, be it maternity, periodpain, a small accident, trauma, etc.

  • Everything starts from ground zero

Healthcare starts from ground zero. As a leader, you must try to improve things that are in front of you now as they might add to the betterment of society. A quick and effective solution for small issues can lead up to the betterment of the whole society.

Moreover, a leader must be famous for his leadership in extensive health models, which helps to keep the public well strengthened. A leader should be proud of his team, ensuring that they are getting due credits. Moreover, they should aim at providing the public with the best healthcare facilities.


  • Innovation is the future

Innovation and technology are the future of the healthcare industry. As a leader, you should focus on providing technical advancements and invest in the upcoming innovations.

Apart from this, you should be inventive in creating many different classifications and models like a modern medical school, some coalition with different healthcare bodies, and must emphasize behavioral health.

Final Words

YasithWeerasuriya further explains the requirement and importance of healthcare leaders in the coming generation and compares it with the emerging demands of people for the best healthcare facilities. The number of people suffering from chronic illnesses has been rising with passing time. Therefore, healthcare leaders, along with healthcare facilities, are expected to be the best.

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