The Fundamental Differences Between Ideal Shape and Ideal Lean Shakes

By on August 16, 2017

Meal replacement shakes provide a more convenient and effective diet plan for weight loss. The trend which is constantly growing in millions offers individuals who want to lose weight easily an affordable and simple option. Shakes such as the idealshape shake, 310 shakes, ideal lean shake etc. have all been formulated with one end goal, to aid the process of weight loss. Looking at the 310 shake reviews or the idealshape reviews, you will notice one trend- these shakes help to suppress the appetite of the consumer for hours while providing them with the essential nutrients which the body needs to function.

IdealFit’s Ideal Lean shake and Idealshape Shake are some of the most commonly used supplements which have massive popularity. So, which is the best option between these two meal replacement shakes? The article below explains the main difference between these products and how they work.

  1. Nutritional Facts

Ideal Shape Shake

A quick glance at the ideal shape shake recipes shows that the main reason why this meal replacement was formulated is to assist individuals who want to stay active or those who need a pre-workout supplement. It is also ideal for those people who are less active with a high fat to lean muscle mass ratio.

The Ideal Shape Shake contains 2.5g of fat, 10g of carbs and 11 g of proteins. These amounts are relatively lower compared to even some of the best shakes in the market such as the 310 shake. The Ideal Shape shake recipes can be used to prepare beverages which can replace two meals per day, allowing for safe and healthy substitutions of food. If you want to lose weight easily (even more than 25 pounds), this shake has been formulated with the Slendesta ingredient which helps to restrict hunger pangs and to create a calorie deficient that is required for weight loss. If you want a supplement that will improve your diet and help you to shed tens of pounds, then this shake is a great option.

Ideal Lean Shake

This diet plan has also been created for individuals who want to stay active and those who want to a quick fix of a healthy supplement. Ideal Lean is great for people who need high amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins. It is an amazing pre and post-workout supplement that can be used by bodybuilders to develop lean muscle mass.

This diet shake contains 4.5g of fat, 20g of protein and 20g of carbs. For people who do high-intensity and moderate exercises, this diet plan has high amounts of nutrients which work together in conjunction with body muscles for a well-ripped body. Ideal Lean has high amounts of fat, protein, and carbs compared to other shakes. Looking at the 310 shake reviews, for example, this shake has high amounts of ingredients that are still unmatched. However, unlike Ideal Shape, Ideal Lean should simply be used as a healthy food option in instances where you need to get a healthy quick meal but you don’t have enough time to prepare. It is simply the best go-to option that fits with any meal plan.


  1. Flavors

Ideal Shape Shake

The ideal shape shake recipes indicate that it has around 17 different flavors which include variants of chocolate, vanilla, cheesecake, orange cream, mocha eggnog among others. There are various ideal shape shake recipes which make it easy to prepare multiple flavors of this beverage, so it’s become an ideal shake for the person who want to lose extra weight.

Ideal Lean Shake

The two most commonly used flavors of ideal lean are French vanilla and chocolate brownie.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these two shakes are ideal for weight loss. If you are looking for a low-calorie shake, the Ideal Shape is the best option to go for. It is a best meal replacement shake which is available in numerous flavors. It contains low amounts of calories, suppresses hunger and helps to create a significant calorie deficit that is required for weight loss. It moderates food cravings and it can be used with moderate exercises.

Ideal Lean is also a great supplement which can be used only as a quick fix. It contains high amounts of carbs, proteins, and fat which are great for the development of lean muscles. The presence of Whey Protein in this formula helps to tone down the body. This shake helps to increase the body’s metabolism eliminating the stubborn body fat leading to weight loss.

As much as the working of these two regimens is different, ideal fit has uniquely designed them to enhance the process of weight loss. Ideal Lean is a healthy food option which contains all the macros that the body needs for nourishment while Ideal Shape helps to restrict the body’s calorie intake.

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