Oasis Open MRI in New Jersey: Faster and More Accurate

By on September 2, 2021

Get your Open MRI done at New Jersey with Oasis Open MRI, which is more accurate and efficient as a 1.2 Tesla magnet has equipped with it. The Oasis Open MRI in New Jersey can scan images with more clarity and in a faster way.

About MRI

Powerful electromagnetic and radio frequencies are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine body parts and tissues throughout the body. The doctors use MRI scans to evaluate a wide range of diseases, including ligament damage to tumors. For studying the central nervous system, especially the brain and spinal cord, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is quite beneficial.

The MRI is performed by laying the patient in a magnetic field and turning on and off benign radiofrequency. As a result, the body releases its feeble radio transmissions that differ depending on tissue properties. These waves are wrapped up by a sophisticated receiver and transmitted into a computer that creates comprehensive images of the human body for experienced radiologists to examine.

About Oasis Open MRI

The Oasis Open MRI comes with a 1.2 Tesla magnet. The high value of magnetism proves it to be one of the most powerful magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. It comes with more area, more efficiency, and more comfort to the patients.

The more space in the new Oasis MRI has some extra benefits –

  • Allows pediatric patients to stay with their guardians.
  • Oversize patients can go through smoothly without making any efforts or losing comfort.
  • Now, the old patients can scan themselves without any worry while holding hands with their beloved ones.
  • The claustrophobic patients can now be examined without any fear, as it has an open space.
  • More efficient, less time-consuming machine.
  • Oasis Open MRI fulfils more comfortable body scanning.

Oasis Open MRI near You

Oasis Open MRI in New Jersey is available to fulfil the need for more accurate and time-efficient results. Get the diagnosis with Oasis MRI all over the state of New Jersey. Request your appointment today to get your instant MRI diagnosis done.


MRI scanning in New Jersey is becoming more effortless and accurate with the all-new Oasis Open MRI. Schedule your appointment for your body scanning with ease.

Previous medical history is taken into consideration while doing an MRI. Any patient who has metal implanted in any bodily area needs special attention and precautions, which should be followed according to the doctor’s prescription and advice.

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