Medical Malpractice Tips: Important Things You Should Do

By on June 27, 2019

Research has been conducted that 10% of all deaths in the U.S are due to a professional negligence called medical practice. Almost 250,000 people were killed by medical malpractice every year and others are suffering from non-fatal injuries.

Medical negligence usually happens, it’s unavoidable actually. That’s why it’s essential to know exactly what you’re going to do if you ever experience this as a victim.

Below are some important things you should do if ever you suspect medical negligence.

1. Change Your Doctor:

Make your health a priority. If you suspect that your doctor has made an error while treating you, it’s essential to find another doctor as soon as possible. It’s like getting a second opinion, and then, your second doctor will review your records and perform another test before treating you.

Medical Malpractice


If the first doctor made a treatment error, then the second doctor will most likely treat the damage and will focus on treating the complications caused by the first doctor.

2. Request a Medical Records (Abstract, Lab Result, and Diagnosis)

Request a copy of your medical records, these include medical abstract, medical certificate, lab results, and the current medical diagnosis. This will play an important role in the malpractice issue, so it’s important to obtain the record at the earliest possible time.

This information might be used to prove that the first doctor has committed medical practice. It’s important to request these records before filing a medical practice claim. Doing this can prevent the doctor to change your medical information. Though it’s illegal to falsify medical records, doctors can still do it to prevent legal liability.

3. Jot down Notes

If you suspect that you’re a malpractice victim, start jotting down notes about your health. Jot down the symptoms you’re currently experiencing as a result of the first doctor’s medical error.

For example, if you suddenly got off to work (sick leave) because of these symptoms, write this on a notebook or journal. It is best to write every day to record everything you’ve experienced after the suspected medical error.

This journal can be used as a piece of solid evidence in the medical negligence case, so please write in detailed.

4. Talk with a Professional Solicitor or Attorney

It is highly recommended to hire an experienced attorney instead of just presenting yourself to the other party involved. Search for a personal injury attorney who successfully handled medical malpractice cases in the past.

Set an appointment with the attorney and discuss everything before filing a case. Be as detailed as possible, that’s why you have a journal with you to make you remember all the things that happened to you. Be sure to provide all the information needed to your case, especially the journal and medical records.

5. Don’t Talk With Other Parties

Your attorney will handle everything, so there’s no need for you to speak with other parties. Do not contact the doctors, nurses, and the hospital to warn them that you’ve filed a medical practice case against them.

Do not post any information about the case in any social media platforms. If you want this case to go smoothly, just keep it private and personal. In addition, the doctor’s insurance company may call you regards with the malpractice claim, and again, do not speak any information with them, just give your attorney’s contact number to them.

Let your attorney handle everything about your medical practice case.

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