Importance of BCBS policies to Addiction Rehabilitation

By on August 18, 2019

So far, BCBS has been approved by most prominent treatment centers worldwide. However, many have the doubt Does health insurance cover rehab coverage changes significantly from one state to the other. It is not common for somebody who has secured BCBS policy in a single country to have his/her entire claim approved and denied in a neighboring state.

BCBS Detoxification coverage

In most instances, individuals who are seeking addiction treatment should at least first undergo BCBS detox process. However, this case doesn’t apply for everybody, but only individuals who suffer from a particular type of addiction like alcoholism, or benzodiazepine dependence. It can be quite challenging to cleanse excess use of alcohol, opiates, or benzos.

So, in instances like this is where BCBS detoxification is required. That’s why it’s essential to acquire ideal information regarding BCBS policy on alcohol and drugs. BCBS insurance offer cover for both outpatient and inpatient detox. But, most policies only cover just a portion of the detox process. But then again, coverage will solely depend on a particular type of plan and also the facility you choose for your treatment.

BCBS inpatient coverage treatment

 Then again, it is important to know that BCBS usually varies from one state to the other. BCBS Coverage depends on state regulations and laws. Also, it depends on the facility where the patient receives treatment and care services. For instance, coverage for the patient who receives treatment in the hospital differs from that for who gets treatment and care at a residential rehabilitation center.

Additionally, the services offered in a specialist office may cover different cost compared to that provided in treatment or hospital facility. Moreover, BCBS plans may call for pre-certification for individuals who plan to attend for inpatient facility or hospital for substance abuse services or treatment. If insurance policy cover is for addiction detoxification, it will carry out its purpose regardless of the kind of substance abuse.

Services and Costs at Inpatient treatment

The inpatient program provides the top quality treatment care, and medical supervised BCBS detox as well as 24-hour support and care. Below are various standard-definition terms about the coverage of health plan:

  • Premium: Premium refers to monthly charges offered by health insurance through a policyholder to sustain the coverage.
  • Coinsurance: it is same as a copayment, type of cost-shared for the services that involve prescription and healthcare medications.
  • Deductible: it refers to a certain amount paid before health insurance begins to cover a more significant part of the bills.
  • Out-of-pocket Maximum: it relates to the individual’s highest amount he may have to pay from his pocket for the health care received before coinsurance covers 100%.
  • Silver Plan: Generally, it is referred to as a coinsurance percentage added to deductible in-network. But, the providers of out-of-network not covered.

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