Facts to know about Testosterone Therapy

By on August 17, 2017

Testosterone is hormones that are naturally produced by the testes of the endocrine system. The level of testosterone in one’s bloodstream shall be maintained at balanced levels. Neither high levels nor lower levels are considered favourable. Testosterone therapy is recommended in those cases where the level of growth hormones is specifically low. Before dealing with the therapy, there are some facts which you are supposed to be aware of because it is testosterone that is responsible for maintenance and development of secondary sex characteristics in men. Initially the therapy was well tolerated, but if the directions are not dealt with properly, it could have an adverse impact on your physical as well as mental wellness.

Though female sex characteristics are mainly under the control of the ovaries, the testosterones are also produced at low levels in women by the adrenal glands. The production of HGH is directly associated with the pituitary gland and its synthesis is increased in men due to gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The alternatives available to you for low testosterone therapy shall be identified clearly before just getting started with the therapy. Lower levels of testosterone could be discovered after the age of 40 years which is also known as late onset hypogonadism.

Testosterone replacement therapy could be beneficial in the short run, but is might be proved risky sometimes in the long run. The risks associated with the therapy are not probable which may occur according to the variation in body consumption. These risks of side effects could further be minimised following the recommendations of the doctors along with taking the dosage in a prescribed way. The replacement therapy is recommended only in those cases where the lower levels are potent to have detriment impact on the health and wellness of individual. Men suffering from hypogonadism and long-term low HGH levels are recommended to undergo the therapy. It could be established by the reviews that therapy was well tolerated by them and the impacts are considerably favourable.

Facts to know about Testosterone Therapy

Sometimes unexpected side effects and abuses are followed by misuse and inappropriate application of hormone supplements, pills, creams, injections, or gels. Normally the standard level of HGH in adult males rangesfrom 300ng or 350ng per decilitre to 1000ng per decilitre at the high level. These figures are based on sample basis and could probably depend on the level of “free” testosterone in the body. “Free” is described as the type that binds to other cellular receptors.

It is advised to have clear knowledge about the replacement therapy before undergoing the programme because testosterones are extremely powerful that could potentially affect your multiple organs and systems. The endocrine system, the metabolic system, and other body systems are responsible for achievement and maintenance of the hormonal imbalances in the bloodstream. The benefits you can avail from the replacement therapy includes improved sexual functions and libido, enhanced muscle mass, improved bone density, enhanced body consumption and quality of life, potentially improved cognition levels, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Apart from these benefits, the risks that are detrimental to health should also be considered.

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