Everybody needs a partner Even Dianabol needs one

By on October 5, 2017

Did you know that Dianabol is one of the most popular and important anabolic steroids since its release in the late 1950s? This steroid is also known as Dbol and has always been known for its ability to give fast results, even after taking it alone. It is widely used by bodybuilders, powerlifters and some athletes because of its ability to amplify strength and increase muscle growth.

Dianabol is best used as a part of a stack but as mentioned before, it also gives good results when used alone.  Now, you must be wondering what are the best stacks and cycles that you can follow to achieve best results. You should know first that Dbol is used to enhance results that are offered by injectable steroids, and even more so when you amplify the dosage of the injectable a little.

Dianabol and Testosterone: a Perfect Pair

Dianabol goes well with any kind of injectable steroid. There are always exceptions though. One example is when you stack Dianabol with higher doses of testosterone; this leaves Dianabol to decrease its wonderful results. It then becomes futile. But once you use 500mg of testosterone weekly, Dianabol positive results intensify and this is where you realize how perfect this pair is, especially if you use the right dosage. Too much can destroy it, while the right amount can prove it more effective.

What makes Dbol with Anavar dangerous?

Some people may choose to stack dbol with anavar, instead of injectable steroids which is necessary. What they don’t know is that this pair can increase liver toxicity. So it is not preferred by experts because it can cause you a whole lot of problem, with your health. So in order for you to not have this problem, you should stack dbol with injectable steroids instead which is relatively safe.

Do you want the best pair? Say hello to Dianabol and Deca Durabolin

These two are the top most powerful steroids in the market today so it’s no surprise that they make the best pair of stacks. It is said that there are no other steroids that could give you gains and strength the same as these two. That’s how powerful they are. In a 12-week cycle, you should take 600mgs Deca per week + 50mgs Dbol per day + 1mg of Arimidex per day for week 1-8 and 800mgs Deca per week + 1mg of Arimidex per day for weeks 9-12. For your PCT, you should take with Nolvadex or Clomid.

What about Dbol only Cycle?

It can still be effective even if you choose to use it alone. For so many years, before stacks were a thing, bodybuilders use it as a performance enhancer and it really does its job. There are many reasons as to why people continue to uses dbol alone, one is because they are sensitive to steroids.

Now that you know so much about Dianabol and how to use them in stacks, rest assured that you will be able to get your much-needed gains and strength. Just remember that for your safety, side effects will show if you use these improperly so always be careful and vigilant with what you are taking.

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