Emergency Contraceptive Pills: What are they, and How Does It Work?

By on June 20, 2022

What is emergency contraception?

Emergency contraception is a method of birth control that women use within three to five days, depending upon the type of pills used. Emergency contraceptive pills Singapore are the safest way to prevent pregnancy without complications. Sometimes these pills are called the morning-after pill, and after eating, an individual doesn’t have to wait for the next day. If one had unprotected coitus, the woman should take EC right away. There are intrauterine devices available; can be used for birth control. It is a long-term method used by women to prevent pregnancy.

When should one use these contraception pills?

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These pills are used to prevent pregnancy if one has had recent physical intercourse. The reasons why people use them

  • They had unprotected intercourse or had any other routine birth control.
  • They made a mistake with their regular birth control pills, forgetting to take one or missing the birth control shot.
  • The protection used got broken or slipped and affected the women.

Emergency contraception is used by women in the case of rape or any physical assaults. These pills are best to avoid the pregnancy of a victim and save their life.

How do emergency pills work?

The women don’t get pregnant right after having the intercourse. The male gamete lives in the body for up to five days; in those five days, the fertilization process starts, where female eggs meet the male gamete to fertilize it, which results in pregnancy.

emergency contraceptive pills singapore helps prevent this process of ovulation and stop the ovary from releasing the eggs. Now, if the ovulation has already taken place, EC will not work. It is important to take pills right after the coitus to prevent pregnancy.

How effective are contraceptive pills?

Emergency contraceptives are effective for about 89% if taken within 72 hours of intercourse. One can take the pills for up to five days, and no emergency pills give 100% results. One can get pregnant after taking these pills also.


Emergency contraceptive pills are the best way used by people to control untimely pregnancy. It is the method that is helping many women who don’t want to get pregnant. There are several crimes in the world against women, and these pills can certainly help the victim avoid stressful situations that can become dangerous for one’s life. Using an emergency contraceptive from a verified source is safe to consume, and anybody in need can use them.

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