Dr. Robert Turner – How Can Parents Help Their Child Who is a Victim of Physical Abuse

By on November 30, 2021

Child abuse is a traumatic experience for any child and parent. However, it still happens frequently, and some of the cases often go unreported. Children who are victims of sexual abuse remain scarred for life, and some even hold themselves accountable for the incident, especially if it takes place with someone they know. It is imperative that they should take professional help in the form of counseling and other types of treatment to recover and heal from their traumatic experience and move ahead in life without guilt.

Dr. Robert Turner is an eminent counselor and a man of faith. He goes to his local church regularly and serves the community with his professional counseling services. He actively participates in many socio-civic activities to help the less fortunate and underprivileged people in the community. He specializes in helping people who are victims of sexual abuse and assault. He helps them heal and recover from their past traumatic experiences so they can move forward in life.

Tackling the cruel reality of child sexual abuse

According to him, child sexual abuse is no different from adult sexual abuse or assault. The reactions are more or less the same. Parents and guardians have to look out for signs of changes in their child’s behavior.  The offender threatens many children, and so they are silent victims. The case becomes worse when the child is sexually abused or assaulted by someone they already know, and some cases can even take place in the child’s own home.

Parents Help Their Child Who is a Victim of Physical Abuse

 Victims of child sexual abuse generally have nightmares, have trouble concentrating, problems sleeping, often display regressive behavior like thumb sucking, wetting the bed, or a significant drop in their grades at school.

Tips for parents

When a child has opened up about the abuse, it is important for you as a parent not to be emotionally charged for revenge or face the offender immediately. This is a natural response for any parent. However, your child first needs to be placed in a safe environment to ensure he/she is protected from guilt, shame and judgment, and harm.

How are you supposed to react?

There is no “right” way to react when your child is a victim of sexual abuse or assault. Some of the common types of feelings you will have will revolve around fear, anger, anxiety, and sadness. In most cases, you will have mixed feelings of these emotions that can also be overwhelming.

Since your child is counting on your availability and support, you need to meet a counselor who is a specialist in this field immediately. Dealing with your emotions is draining, and this is where professional help steps in to assist you through the path. Make sure that your reactions and feelings do not interfere with your child’s welfare, as it is not simple for you or the victim to let the incident pass smoothly. Talking with a counselor such as Robert Turner will help you take the right steps to recovery and healing both for your child and yourself.

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