Certified Nurses singapore: The Heart Of The Healthcare

By on March 6, 2022

Who is a nurse?

A nurse is a licensed medical professional who practices independently or under the supervision of a doctor, surgeon, or dentist who has experience in promoting and maintaining health. They play numerous different roles, and it is incomprehensible to keep track of everything in one position. This profession is at the soul of healthcare. Nurses are the heart of healthcare.

What are the roles of nurses?

The fundamental function of nurses is to support and care for people and to help them through health and sickness. Apart from this, there are several other roles –

  • They deliver patient care

Nurses are patient caregivers who help handle physical needs, prevent illness and minister health problems. To do this, the patient gets observed and monitored, and all relevant data should get recorded to support treatment decisions. Throughout the treatment process, nurses monitor the patient’s progress and act accordingly in the best interests of the patient. Long-term care goes beyond the management of medicines and other treatments.

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  • They give patient advocacy

The patient comes to the nurse first. The function of the nurse is to work in the most acceptable interests of the patient and keep the dignity of the patient through treatment and care. It may incorporate working with other medical professionals to propose suggestions for a patient’s treatment plan.

  • They design a plan of care for the patients

Nurses are directly involved in the patient care decision-making process. It is essential to be able to evaluate the patient’s symptoms, think critically in determining potential problems, and make appropriate suggestions and actions. Nurses know each patient’s situation best as they continuously monitor a patient’s signs and symptoms. They also work with other members of the healthcare team to achieve the most suitable patient health outcomes.

  • They also give patient support and education

Nurses are also accountable for guaranteeing that patients have the best understanding of their health, illness, dosing and treatment. It is crucial if the patient is discharged and needs to get treated on their own. Nurses should take the time to clarify what to expect and what not to expect when patients and their families or caregivers leave the hospital or clinic. The patients must feel supported and must know where to find additional information by the nurses.

Every time a nurse spends with a patient can help them understand their condition. Often they intervene on behalf of the patient and suggest a treatment plan to the doctor or surgeon.

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