Bariatric and its benefits

By on January 23, 2018

Bariatric surgery is something which enhances the weight loss in obese people. This works when one cannot achieve success in weight loss programs after a lot of attempts.

One can get an idea of bariatric weight loss surgery cost in India from the hospitals where these kinds of surgeries are done. This one particularly reduces the storage capacity in the stomach and as a result, the food intake capacity in the body automatically reduces. The person who has gone through this surgery feels full after having a small amount of food.

bariatric weight loss surgery

But bariatric surgery has multiple types. There is a gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric placation. Now, it completely depends on the surgeon to decide which one is applicable on a patient depending in what kind of problems they are suffering from. Also the health condition of the patient is also important and the physician decides on that which surgery will work on them.

It is said by the physicians that if the body mass index of a human being is 35 or more, then one needs to lose more than 65 pounds. If one does not lose body weight then there are serious health issues that can crop up only because of that excessive weight. So most patients who come to do the surgery has a body mass index of around 40.

But once the surgery is done there are some specific things that one has to follow.

  • Post surgery one has a smaller stomach. So, people going through this surgery needs to know that they have to eat very slowly and very small portions of food at one go. Also while eating; it is a good idea to eat them slowly by taking tiny bites from the food item. Any kind of fluid intake should be either 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes post eating. One though takes a bit time, but they slowly adjust to this routine.
  • After surgery one also might needs to take some supplements and vitamins but that completely depends on the nutritionist on what they prescribe depending on the body condition of the patient.

Bariatric surgery does not only mean body weight loss. It also means healthier life. This is because; once this surgery is done, an individual can get rid of type 2 diabetes on a long term basis. The diabetes patients can get relief from insulin and the medicines required to keep diabetes in control. This surgery also helps to improve the cardiovascular health.  There is a lesser chance of one to get peripheral heart diseases and strokes. Also the cholesterol and blood pressure level also remains in control in a human body.

As the obesity goes away and people start living a healthy life, they feel more confident about themselves and their body. But before you go for any weight loss surgery in India, you need to consult a health physician and let them check your body condition. Only if they feel it is necessary, then go for it.

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