A Brief Note on the Existence of Knock Knee Deformity in Human Body

By on March 1, 2022

Knock Knee is one of the deformities observed in humans in all age groups. It is the incorrect alignment that existed around the knee of the human. It should be treated as soon as identified otherwise will lead to serious issues related to knee joint degeneration. If treated well then it will improve the mechanics of the knee and the capability of walking of humans greatly. Also, treatment will reduce the pain caused due to the knocked knee also reduce the chances of damage tothe knee joint. Let’s us know a brief note on the knock knee deformation here.

How the deformity will look?

Actually, the knocked knee is the state of condition where the knee joint becomes bent inward and knock the other knee joint where that also bent inward. This bending structure will create more pressure on the outside part of the knee hence leading to the increment in pain and further damage. This type of deformity will arise on both the legs or on either one leg.

How this deformity is generated in the human body?

It may be formed by birth or may develop due to serious infections or because of a traumatic knee injury. Beyond this, there are certain common reasons which may lead to the knock knee deformity. Kidney Failure, bone infections, deficiency in vitamin D, Bone tumors, fractures, and metabolic diseases are some of the reasons for knock-kneedeformation.  Gaining overweight also leads to the knock-knee issue.

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How can we identify the knock-knee problem?

It can be observed based on certain symptoms. The most common symptom is the separation of the concerned ankles during the knee position. Pain while walking is also a kind of symptom belonging to the knock knee. Others such as hip pain, foot pain, instability of the knee, finding difficulty running and walking, and sore joints are being a symptom of the knock knee deformity.

How do we diagnose the deformity?

The person having the above-said symptoms should approach orthopedics to diagnose properly. He / She may analyze the concerned medical and family history also the present health condition to diagnose correctly. X-ray reports of the legs also will help them to confirm the deformity’s existence. Sometimesthe patient should undergo a physical examination to know the actual status.

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