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Shampoos: What & What Not

By on March 4, 2019

The haircare world can be an intimidating area for people who don’t know what they are actually looking for.It is not just about your hair care but about everything. When you put it a lot of effort to know about the specific dress, product or gadget before buying it; why not you be more prudent about hair care items too? Don’t you feel your hair care is asking for some proper assistance too?

You can start using Good shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp if you are facing this issue. But the point is that you have to pick a right shampoo. You have to be considerate about what you are using and why.  You now an important thing about hair are that people have different types of hair. You cannot take all the hair alike. Some hair are dry, some are oily and so on. You have to figure out which category of hair you fall in. once you know it, you are half way there. Rest you have to look for the products that are good for the hair type you own.What is the point if you have hair fall issues but you are investing in anti-dandruff shampoos? You would not get the desired results right? This would be something that might be tricky for you right?

You know to buy shampoo could be a confusing task. Moisturizing, hydrating, smoothing, strengthening, curling, color-safe, thickening; how do you really match up the things with the shampoo you pick or use? Come on, a wrong shampoo and you might find your hair hazy and really ill-treated.

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Define the scalp type you have

Before you pick any shampoo,it is absolutely important to know what shampoo does, how to use that shampoo, and how that shampoo relates to the hair and scalp type you have. Shampoo is meant to clean your hair and scalp filled with oil, dirt, and styling products. Though you might think of shampoo solely as a hair-cleansing agent, it is actually much more vital to consider your scalp when picking a shampoo.

You can think about this whole scenario in a way like shampoo is for your scalp, and that conditioner is for your hair. In case your scalp is oily and the ends of your head are dry then you must choose a shampoo that is most suitable to your oily scalp, and a conditioner that is destined to hydrate the dry ends you have.

Do you have oily hair?

In case your scalp inclines to be oily or greasy, then you probably been through dozens of shampoos having little luck. You actually tried everything from washing daily to placing days between shampoos in a move to control that embarrassing extra oil and sebum generation. What you can do is you can simply evade shampoos that are moisturizing, hydrating, smoothing, or good for curly hair. These shampoos incline to add so much moisture to your already greasy scalp.


So, you have gained some knowledge now, you must look for a shampoo that blends positively with your hair care regime.  You can try out shampoo Ketomac variety!

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