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Introducing, GAT Finajet for Bodybuilding – Dosage, Frequency, Results

By on December 19, 2017

GAT Finajet is already a discontinued project. Reviews of GAT Sports Finajet are not so many, but according to users who were able to try this product, it can help you achieve packed muscles. The results are massive compared to what other steroids can give you. Since the production and distribution have already been ceased, you might still come across with some Finajet products online.

Remember that it contains dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is a precursor of all steroid hormones. The adverse effects that this product can cause are also a key player in its popularity. No matter how effective GAT Finajet is, this should be taken with caution because of the negative effects reported by some users.

Finajet is a prohormone steroid

How to Correctly Dose GAT Finajet

Before buying GAT Finajet, make sure that you understand the product first. The dosage and frequency, as well as the length of use, should be learned. Usually, the website where you purchased the product will have a recommendation when it comes to dosage instructions. According to some, it is suggested to take 2 tablets daily. One with your breakfast and the other for lunch. This should be taken for 8 weeks and a month of break is needed before you start another cycle.

What Are the Side Effects of GAT Finajet?

If you check out product pages for GAT Finajet, you will seldom find a list of side effects, even in the feedbacks and comments about the project. However, this does not mean that the side effects do not exist. DHEA is one of the most dangerous ingredients of GAT Finajet. There are some of the reported side effects of this substance.

The side effects of GAT FInajet are somewhat similar to anabolic steroids. This is because DHEA converts to testosterone which can similarly affect the body in the same way. This substance can cause oily skin which can lead to acne, high blood pressure and heart rhythm problems, fatigue, changes in menstrual cycle, and upset stomach.

GAT Finajet Results

As mentioned above, reviews are limited for GAT Finajet but the ones that you can find online usually talks about the positive effects that this drug can offer. Some of the feedbacks mentioned were as follows:

“…Great for lean muscle gains and strength…”

“…It has definitely increased my strength and aided in my definition after 3 weeks of use…”

Finajet is a prohormone steroid

Is Finajet As Dangerous as Anabolic Steroids?

Finajet is a prohormone steroid. But many people think that these are natural supplements because some are able to find this online. However, you must remember that this product can cause similar side effects as anabolic steroids. The only difference is that we know less about it compared to the anabolic steroids that we always read about online.

So if you are asking if Finajet is as dangerous as anabolic steroids, the answer is uncertain. Just like anabolic steroids, there are pros and cons when using GAT Finajet. There are users who believe it is a good product to achieve mass gains, but some believe that the side effects are not worth it.

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