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What health care service centers provide

By on September 3, 2021

For private individuals accreditation only for structures with more than 80 beds. Three types of hospital have been identified based on users and the complexity of care. Set minimum thresholds for activity volumes and performance outcomes. The hospital administrative staff will not be able to more than 7% of the total.  Guarantee homogeneous levels of hospital care throughout united states, both in terms of the adequacy of the structures and in terms of human resources employed in relation to the patients assisted and the level of complexity of the structure. This is the key objective of the regulation on the new hospital standards, envisaged by Monti’s spending review, and sent to the Regions by Minister Balduzzi in view of the necessary agreement at the State Regions Conference at urgent care san antonio.

 For our hospitals it is a small revolution whose effects are not immediately calculable. Both in terms of possible closures of operating units and even the questioning of accreditations in place. Both with the public and with the private sector. In fact, in the text being examined by the Regions, in addition to redefining the nomenclature and typology of hospitals, heavily intervenes in the qualitative and quantitative requirements that they must have in order to be accredited by the NHS. And this is not a small novelty. Let’s see them in summary, in this reworking of our editorial staff, referring to the complete document of the agreement scheme for the details of the proposed rules.

The classification of hospital structures

The regulation establishes three types of hospital structures in order of complexity:

– Basic aids : catchment area between 80,000 and 150,000 inhabitants. They are equipped with First Aid with the presence of a limited number of specialties with active guard network support service

– Level I principals : catchment area between 150,000 and 300,000 inhabitants. I am home to the first level DEA. They are structures that are equipped with a considerable number of specialties with active on-call medical service. Radiology services with CT scan and ultrasound, laboratory, immunotransfusion service must be present or available on the network 24 hours a day. Here, in this kind of centers they provide all the services including very costly test to very less cost diagnosis.

Here, they everyday take up millions of cases. Here they carry both public sector and private sector as well. Usually for private they carry thirty percent of beds where as, when compared public takes almost seventy percent.

These sector are so well established that they perform any kind of tests procedures or whatever it is so well that they can perform multi number of cases at a time.

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