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Risks of addiction that we should know about

By on October 9, 2019

If you are addicted to drug, then you need to read this article. In this article we are going to talk about some risks of drug addiction. Click here for luxury holistic rehabs.

Maternal and fetal risk

Consumed by a pregnant woman, the drugs, for the most part, cross the placenta and reach the fetus. They then have a deleterious effect on both the progress of the pregnancy and the unborn child. They lead to: miscarriage, in utero death, premature delivery, fetal malformations, sudden infant death, stunted growth, mental abnormalities. Visit this site for luxury holistic rehabs.

Visit drug rehab marketing to know about the consequences may be immediate or appear and be detected only several months or even years later, particularly with regard to the growth of the child or the mental abnormalities.

It should be noted that an absorbed dose considered as low for the mother can be very strong for a fetus whose body mass is infinitely less.

To note

The very strong maternal risk to the fetus caused by alcohol consumption by a pregnant woman, even without abuse, is the “Fetal Alcohol Syndrome” or FAS which leaves irreversible physical and mental consequences.

The teratogenic effect (risk of malformation of the embryo) of cocaine and crack in particular, but also other drugs such as amphetamines and particularly methamphetamines.

Dependence of the fetus and newborn when the mother has been using physically addictive drugs during pregnancy.

Particularly in the case of heroin use, this dependence requires a strictly controlled medical weaning, as this will cause unbearable suffering for the fetus or the newborn and sometimes serious risks.

Social risk

Any drug use induces a social risk. It can be punctual or sustainable depending on the quantity consumed and the level of dependence. It includes: professional and family school failure, isolation, marginalization, social exclusion, violence, accidents.

 One-time risk

This risk can appear from the first consumption.

It is often related to the immediate effects of the drug such as alcoholic or cannabis intoxication, or the disruption of visual or auditory perceptions, or the feeling of invulnerability induced by stimulants.

These are mainly the risks of accidents: road accidents, domestic accidents, occupational accidents but also risks of violence often expressed in domestic violence or family violence against children.

An accident, depending on its seriousness, can lead to injuries and a lifetime disability for others or for oneself as well as damage to be repaired and paid for years, if not a lifetime.

 Sustainable risk

Linked to the repetition of consumption and especially to addiction, it includes:

Academic and professional failures caused by demotivation or inability to perform certain tasks.

The failures of conjugal and family life caused by the difficulty for family members to endure consumer behavior and reactions, be it excessive passivity or, conversely, violence.

Delinquency to obtain the money necessary for the purchase of drugs (robbery with or without violence, blackmail, etc.), whether this delinquency is expressed outside or within the family. This delinquency can lead to imprisonment and heavy fines.

Marginalization ranging from being sidelined in the family or her circle of friends, to the loss of her job and / or home and being put on the street.

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