Teal Swan – Positive Change Comes with Truth and Authenticity

By on December 8, 2021

Life has its share of happiness and sorrow; however, it is hard to bounce back easily when sadness and pain dominate your existence. A kind hand is needed, and introspection is required to awaken to see the truth and accept your authenticity to sail through with success.

Teal Swan – A powerful name in positive transformation

Teal Swan is a world-famous spiritual healer, author, and speaker. Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the USA, she has a wide range of extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. With these qualities, she is able to guide and help others with compassion.

She has suffered a lot of pain, and she uses her own harrowing experience to help others overcome pain and suffering to inspire people across the world. She leads them to authenticity, joy, and freedom. She helps people see the whole truth in exactly the way it is in reality. It is uncomfortable to some. However, there is a possibility that one will experience the opposite results and get peace in the process.

How can be truthful and honest help?

It is important for one to be true in relationships when it comes to overcoming pain and suffering. Though, it is uncomfortable for some people to express their true feelings and opinions for fear of hurting the other person. According to her, people should be honest in any real relationship.  Positive transformation is possible when people are able to accept the true version of themselves.

Teal Swan - Positive Change

Helping others

She was born with a wide range of extrasensory abilities and is also a survivor of severe abuse during childhood. She uses her gifts along with her harrowing life experience to inspire millions of individuals towards freedom, joy, and authenticity. She teaches people how to transform their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical pain.

Stepping into complete authenticity for complete wholeness

According to her, the world needs to be restored to wholeness. Her teachings invite individuals to step inside their complete authenticity, knowing that this positive change is what one wishes to see in the globe.

In general, the field of self-help and spirituality is divided into two major camps. The first camp practices self-help and spirituality to experience relief and comfort. They will

Being aware of reality and the knowledge

The second camp practices spirituality to be aware of the knowledge and understand that knowing the truth will help them make changes to improve their lives. At the same time, according to Teal Swan, the knowledge of the truth will also make them feel uncomfortable as well. It is precisely like the classic blue and red pill scenario that one saw in the matrix movie.

The only axis of power and choice lies in reality and the ability of one to see the whole truth. Here again, an individual cannot be forced to see the truth but must be willing to observe and accept it. This, in turn, guides you towards your actual motive when it comes to practicing self-help and spirituality in life.

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