Stephen Varanko Provides Few Interesting Insights On Navy SEALs

By on July 2, 2020

While there are multiple groups of special forces in the United States, hardly anyone is as widely known as the Navy SEALs. According to Stephen Varanko the elite group has a host of almost impossible missions under its proverbial belt. The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are typically responsible for carrying out diverse small-unit, special operation missions. These operations may take place in varied environments, including cities, deserts, mountains, artics, jungles and so on.  Navy SEALs are generally tasked with the assignments of capturing or eliminating high-level targets, if needed. They may also be given the duties of gathering intelligence behind enemy lines.

Navy SEAL members have to go through a rigorous training procedure, before they are officially inducted into the team.  Stephen Varanko says that these individuals are trained to carry out reconnaissance missions to report on enemy activity, engage in direct assaults or raids on enemy targets, as well as participate in actions against distinguished terrorists organizations and groups.

Even though most people are aware of the Navy SEALs, a lot of interesting details about them remain unknown to many. As pointed by Stephen Varanko following are few interesting insights about Navy SEALs:

  • “The only easy day was yesterday” is the Navy SEALs official motto. This motto impeccably fits this special operations group, as the days of people belonging to it is typically filled with harrowing adventures and brutal tasks. They have to deal with incredible tests of endurance almost every other day.
  • The Navy SEALS hold the reputation of being involved in some of the most famous operations of the American government. These include the  Operation Red Wings and  Operation Desert Storm
  • In addition to rigorous physical training activities, the Navy SEALs also undergo quite a strict mental training procedure. This is done to rewire the brains of such individuals, so that they are able to respond to fear in any situation without absolutely freaking out in a way that most people do.
  • While a lot of people aspire to join the SEALs, not many are able to accomplish this dream. Almost 75% of SEAL trainees tend to drop out prior to completing their whole training program. This especially happens during the 128 hours of Hell week training.
  • Not all SEAL training programs are largely secretive. In fact, San Diego tourists can easily visit the local beaches of the region and check out prospective SEALs practicing landings, operating inflatable boats, as well as haul logs.

Many people think that Navy SEALs work alone. But that is not the case. They, in fact, have their counterparts in various other branches of the military. The Army includes the Delta force, Night Stalkers, Green Berets, as well as the Army Rangers. While on the other hand, the Marine Corps include MARSOC and RECON. The soldiers belonging to these groups tend to receive training beyond that of the typical troops, and hence considered to be Special Forces.

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