Police Check Online: The Easiest And Fastest Way

By on June 10, 2022

A police check is understandably a requirement for job hiring. Both employee and the applicant would need this legal document issued by the government to clear out an individual’s name with any possible criminal history or record. Intercheck’s national police check is Australia’s accredited online firm, a secure online app portal designed for people who need NCHC (National Criminal History Check) for:

  • Employment
  • Volunteering
  • Students
  • Positions of trust

Anyone who works in both private and public establishments provides their national police check record. It is to certify that they have a clear and clean criminal record, proving that they have no criminal records, guaranteeing that they are trusted individuals working in the community. If you are a business, police checks are also required for your workforce, proving that they don’t involve any criminal actions. Thus, you are securing your business from people who might cause trouble in your company.

Intercheck's national police check

How does the online application work?

There are three simple steps to follow for the Police Check online application in Austria:

  1. Apply online. Anyone can make an online application using a computer or mobile phone. Fill up the form with an estimated time (5-8 minutes) to complete.
  2. ID verification online. Using the secure portal, you must provide consent by uploading your ID and submitting the application.
  3. Digital certificate. Download the certificate online. It is also shareable with the employer or place of work instantly.

It is easy – there are no complicated requirements. Nobody would say no to this kind of easy processing, unlike going to the physical office, wherein you need to wait for your turn before being entertained.

The same-day processing

You may start your police check using Intercheck’s national police check online application. Process your online application in just minutes. Unlike processing in the physical office, it might take one day. Of course, if you want to save time and make things easier and faster, why not make an online application? The process is the same as how you process in the physical office.

But, the only difference is the time-saving experience – no need to keep you waiting for the certificate to be issued within the day. Instead, you can have it in just minutes; after you complete the application.

The payment options

Whether you are a business or an applicant, the payment method goes the same. There are payment options provided for the applicants’ convenience. The payment will be cashless, less risky, and faster than the physical office. In today’s time, people are so cautious, especially when they have money with them.

So, instead of paying in cash, why not choose to pay in a cashless experience. Pay online through your bank accounts or any e-wallet you have. Payment is much safer and easier on your end.

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