Know about the kitchen fire suppression system

By on June 6, 2022

What Is a Fire Suppression System for a Kitchen?

The top of the kitchen stove and the fuel line is connected in a kitchen fire suppression system. Whenever a fire breaks out, the system shows three different instinctive reactions. The gas and fuel line towards the cooking station is turned off first. The mechanism then sprays a fire-fighting agent through the hood’s nozzles. Similarly, the hood’s circulation mechanism activates, directing smoke away from the structure. An intelligent system would be able to tell the difference between a fire in the kitchen and an accidental fire and release the appropriate retardant with each.

Fifty-seven percent of all eatery fires are caused by cooking equipment. Protracted revenue loss is only the commencement of the reply costs. Building maintenance, replacement costs, and increasing insurance costs make it tough to keep operating. Company owners who take proactive steps to avert fire reduce their risk and increase their chances of results of this case. Most restaurant leaders and investors abide by local legislation by completing routine maintenance and ensuring that smoke detectors are in good working order.

The kitchen fire suppression system works automatically and responds immediately when a fire breaks out. Because they leave human emotion and indecisiveness out of the equation, they can protect better than your kitchen staff.

kitchen fire suppression system

Are Kitchen Extinguishers Required in Every Restaurant?

A house fire can strike at any moment, in any location, and affect any restaurateur. Although smoke alarms and towels must be kept on hand, they are frequently insufficient in an emergency.

How to Arrange for the Installation of a Kitchen Fire Alarm System?

To ensure that the kitchen fire control system works appropriately, it must be installed by an expert. You’ll have to make a few arrangements before the installation technician arrives.

  • Verify that now the cook station cover is placed correctly
  • Verify that the roof above the hoods is accessible
  • Verify that now gas/fuel gate is operable
  • Verify that the polling station is roadworthy.

Inspection of the Kitchen Fire Suppression System

When the restaurant may open properly, the final piece would be to have the cooking fire system inspected. This examination is usually carried out twice a year.

Every local government has its own rules for passing the unanimous consent exam for eateries. Before scheduling an inspection, double-check that your fire extinguisher is in working order. You’ll avoid the potential inconveniences and fees associated with reinspecting in that manner.

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