Improve Demand Forecasting by Machine Learning Tools

By on March 18, 2018

Demand forecasting by using the machine learning tools is definitely an ideal way to get high accuracy in results. With the help of machine learning tools, the people can easily achieve relevant data without human interference. As compared to traditional forecasting method, the modern tool is accurate as well as powerful techniques.

Nowadays, machine learning is being integrated into solutions in every phase of life such as home thermostats, health monitoring systems, equipment maintenance, marketing software, etc. Data is driving this trend. Machine learning facilitates the computer to “learn” from data even without rules-based programming pleasantly filling this need for enhanced analysis.

Machine learning tools can be especially helpful in complicated scenarios, enabling planners to do a much better job of forecasting difficult situations. It leverages the knowledge, experience, as well as skills of planners and other experts in a highly efficient way across a wide range of data. Here are some essential ways that improve machine learning demand forecasting.

machine learning tools

Trade promotions and media events

Promotions, advertising, and other “demand shaping” are an expensive method. Numerous variables with composite interactions are suppressed in huge amounts of data with a maximum degree of noise. Even with considerable knowledge as well as equally reliable baseline demand, it is generally not possible to understand correlations between variables. But taking this behavior is difficult to generate an accurate forecast. In this case, machine learning tools are the best solution for this problem. This innovative way perceives the shared characteristics of promotional events as well as analysis their effect on normal sales.

New product introduction

Without any information about sales history, it is difficult to forecast demand for a product. In this case, machine learning tools are the best solution to forecast the performance of a product launch. These tools can comprise initial indicators like web analytics, product attributes or also social media data, thus forecasting the performance of product launch.

Social Media

Traditional demand planning trusts mostly on transactional data, creating latency between customer requirements as well as supplier reactions. But social listening can be utilized by the supply chain team to associate social sentiment with demand signals.

These improved forecasting models can be especially beneficial for offering early indicators of how the market observes a promotional offer and upcoming demand.

Summing up:

So from the above discussion, it’s clear that utilizing machine learning tool is the better way to forecast demand.

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