Get Police Clearance from Online Portal

By on January 25, 2019

Living in Australia and run a business and want to check the police record of your employees, then Inter Check Australia website is the ultimate platform for checking the police record. This is the most trusted website for checking the Police Background Checks for the individual and for a business organization. They have a huge database which helps in finding the correct information about the police record of the individual. In this company, they have an ultimate team of screening expert, tech geeks, and customer support executive. When you are hiring someone in your company, then you need a trustworthy employee for your company which doesn’t have any kind of criminal record. If you really want to know about anyone of his police record, then don’t go away from the platform of Inter Check Australia.

The Inter Check Australia is an online platform where you can securely check about the individual police record so that you can easily know about what kind of person you are hiring for your business and company.  This online portal is government approved in Australia and trusted website for checking the information about the police record. The price of checking the police record for employment is $49, $29 for volunteer and $5.95 for the hard copy. You can easily choose the chose the desired option for checking the police record. They use the different type’s payment option which includes the Visa and MasterCard for paying the price. If you apply for the police check in this platform, then you will get the notification through the SMS alert.

Get Police Clearance from Online Portal

A process of Police check for Individual:

  • Pay online: They have to use the secure platform of payment where you can pay the amount online through the digital payment options which include the Visa and MasterCard. In this platform, you can easily pay the amount, and you will get the notification of the police record.
  • Fill online form: For applying, you need to fill the online form by visiting their website. In this platform, you can easily fill the form you don’t need to add printing required. Once you fill the online form and submit the application form on the website.
  • Upload ID: For completing the application you need to add the ID which is approved by the government of Australia. In this platform, you can upload the ID through electronically, and you can send the ID through a post.

Services of Inter Check Australia:

  1. Fast Process: They have some of best online system which delivers the information about the police clearance from the national police check Australia in a very quick way. They deliver the information in two working business days.
  2. Simple Process: The Inter Check Australia website has a very simple process for applying the police verification. Their online application form can easily add the detail about the person you want to know.
  3. Close to customers: The expert and professional team of the Inter Check Australia always listen to every customer aspects and give the better solution and advice for the customer query.
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