Catch and Release Fishing: How to Do It Responsibly While Camping

By on February 21, 2022

Did you know that sixteen freshwater fish species went extinct in 2020? Unforutenly, fish populations continue to fall due to overfishing and environmental changes. Fortunately, catch and release fishing is a way responsible fishermen can enjoy the art of fishing while keeping the fish population safe.

Do you know how to catch and release fish properly? If not, we invite you to stick around since we’ll give you some top-notch pointers that’ll teach you how to fish responsibly.

Pick the Right Tackle

As you can expect, to catch and release a fish, you’ll need to be careful about the type of tackle you use. Additionally, using the right tools will increase the fish’s chance of survival after release. Here are some tools to consider:

  • Rod – use a rod that can land a fish quickly
  • Lures – only use artificial lures
  • Hooks – use single-barbless hooks

You should use artificial lures because bait can often make the fish become more injured since it tries to eat the bait while it’s being hooked. Moreover, using live bait like minnows or small amphibians is prohibited while fishing or camping near a lake or creek like Natalbany Creek.

How to Correctly Land a Fish

If you fish while camping, you’ll also want to learn how to land the fish since doing so will give it more chances of surviving after you release it. You’ll need to get a landing net for starters since it’ll help reduce handling it improperly and causing it further stress. But, make sure to get a landing net made of rubber or soft mesh since they reduce the chances of the fish getting tangled by the net.

Additionally, it would be best to release the fish as soon as possible, preferably within a minute or two after you reel it in. Finally, always keep an eye on your rod so you can reel a fish in quickly once you notice the line move.

Removing the Hook

Perhaps the most important step to lean while catch and release fishing is knowing how to remove the hook without harming the fish. As mentioned before, you should use a single-barbless hook since it’s the easiest to remove from a fish’s lip. Moreover, you should never use your hands to remove the hook, but instead, use needle-nosed pliers or a hemostat.

And once you remove the hook, you should let the fish recover before taking it out of the landing net to take a picture.

Catch and Release Fishing Done Right

As you can see, catch and release fishing is a lot easier (and better for the environment) than you think. But, of course, make sure to watch online tutorials so you can learn how to do it effectively. So, stop fishing the wrong and start fishing responsibly today!

Did you find this post helpful in learning how to catch and release fish? If so, feel free to check our other fish-related posts before you go!

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