Know About Worm Composting Singapore To Start Your Own

By on June 13, 2022

Vermicomposting or worm composting is growing in popularity, especially amongst learning kids. This is because of their great advantage and ease of dispersing kitchen wet waste. Usually being a job that no one is ready to take up, it just became more interesting with the idea of turning them into fertilizers.

In various countries, the government itself has asked citizens to segregate the waste so that they can follow safer methods of composting for disposing of the waste material. But worm composting is something that can be done at home. Here are some tips for worm composting singapore.

Air-Tight Or No Worms

worm composting singapore

It is necessary to get an air-tight container for the worms to do their job. It is usually the worms, combined with a  few microorganisms present in the wet waste that convert them into fertilizers. So make sure to use a good air-tight container to see the result within a few weeks.

If it is difficult to get such containers, then it is best to buy the vermicompost kit. This is also available in the markets in Singapore. Buy the vermicompost kit from a trusted source only.

Avoid These For The Worms

Just because it has been mentioned as wet waste does not mean you can feed the worms with anything and everything available in your kitchen. There are a few things to avoid as these cannot be digested by the worms to turn them into fertilizers. One of the most noticeable things is stale food.

Adding stale food to the compost will lengthen the decomposition process or stop it completely. Also, products like pet droppings and meat scraps should be added. Oil, grease and other such food or items must also be excluded.

No Sunlight And No Water

Worm composting Singapore tips mainly include not giving direct sunlight and not letting them entirely float in water. The containers should only be kept warm. So do not try to boil the container or keep it under direct sunlight that will heat the container beyond requirements.

The worms indeed need a moist environment to completely decompose the material, but this does not mean it should be floating in the water. The compost should not be wet with water. Usually, the moisture from the wet waste itself is enough, otherwise sprinkling a few drops will not harm.

Also, for maintaining the pH of the container, broken egg shells or ground limestone can be used. It has to be maintained at neutral pH of 7 throughout the process of decomposition.

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