Where to Find Virtual Reality

By on May 4, 2019

Virtual reality is getting more popular these days, but what if you want to experience it and don’t have the time or money to invest in a fancy computer or headset? Well, virtual reality is slowly growing more and more, and you don’t need to make a significant investment to experience a little taste of it for yourself. First, anything that’s in 3D, such as a movie, is technically virtual reality. It adds depth and ensures that you will feel like the movie is happening around you and not just being shown to you. So, if you get a pair of 3D glasses and watch a movie made for or in 3D, then you have a taste of virtual reality.

VR for Work and Fun

You can also find it depending on your job. Hospitals, astronauts, pilots, and engineers often use simulators or headsets to practice skills and simulate what their job would really look like. Since VR is relativity inexpensive once you pay the initial cost, it’s been shown as a cheaper alternative to onsite training.

There are even virtual reality arcades, that simulate the worlds of Star Wars and other fictional universes, and you can even find roller coasters that combine a physical ride with the power of virtual reality, so it looks like you are riding high above a cityscape while a battle takes place around you. It’s an immersive experience, where the physical and virtual mesh together in one massive ride and causes people to really feel like they were there.

VR Arcades

A virtual reality arcade waterloo has players pick and roam around in a virtual world of their choosing, and once they are in game, they normally complete a short narrative. The arcades are specialized environments, where players roam about in a dark room with their equipment and weapons. It’s completely immersive and ensures that no one will collide with furniture or one another (which can happen quite often if you are playing at your home).

Some arcades even give you headsets to communicate with other players in the same area, making it really feel like you are in the zone and participating in the fantasy world. You’ll often get a weapon, backpack, headset, and trackers that allow you to experience the game together. The equipment will be slightly different if you are playing a shooter versus a puzzle solver, but you’ll certainly feel immersed!

It’s Closer Than You Think

Since most arcades use multiplayer or team-based games, it’s a fun and unique experience to play with people you know. It might bring you closer together, or have everyone discovering the worst in themselves as they struggle to work together. While most of the multiplayer games are formulaic, the experience can make it all worth it. So don’t think that you need to invest in your own personal headset or gaming device to experience the world of virtual reality. You’ll be able to find plenty of great experiences on your own with just a little exploration and adventure, and it’ll be a wild ride.

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