What to do in GTA V to prevent yourself from getting bored? Check it out here

By on June 16, 2019

One of the best games released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V truly deserves its spot there because of its epic adventure with hours’ worth of gaming, and a deep multiplayer mode where you are in for a lot of surprises in each place on the massive map.

With that being said, here are some of the best and essential tips that can help you get in order to enjoy the game even more or look at this site for more information.

  • Be cautious when robbing a security truck- One of the best ways to get a lot of money is to rob a security truck, especially if you compare it to more elaborate heists, however, you would want to prepare for some trouble when breaking into one of these armored trucks because after you set off your sticky bob to open the truck’s hatch, you should keep your gun on stand-by and prepare for the personnel inside the truck to retaliate and also prepare for the police to arrive. Then after you have taken care of them, grab as much money as you can and escape. Sticking around will only increase your criminality rate which attracts more law enforcers to chase you.

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  • Side missions will pay you big time- When it comes to completing side missions, you will get a generous reward for each of it, and you would be surprised how some can pay you off for completing their missions. If you are able to return a stolen vehicle to the owner, you will be recorded properly especially when the owner is an executive or a rich guy that can give you rewards as much as a hundred thousand bucks.
  • Secondary Driving Camera can just be an option- When it comes to pursuing someone on the road, you are always tempted to use the alternate follow camera angle so that you can take your eyes off the main road and focus on your target’s direction, however, this is just ruining your chance to chase your target because you can collide with a passerby or another vehicle and even a barricade or wall while chasing. You should only use the following camera when you are badly needed to, in order to survive longer.
  • Control your car mid-air- When you are in a high-speed chase even in gta 5 ios and you are forced to do mid-air jumps, you have to control your car mid-air to prevent it from getting damaged badly. You should try to press the keys on either your keyboard or your controller so that you can land as cleanly as possible and prevent from doing mid-air stunt if you are not that good of a driver because the damages will cost you a lot of money at repair shops.
  • Let Chop sniff for great collectibles- Chop, the game’s beloved dog will help you uncover hidden collectibles and items throughout the entire game including UFO space ships and other cool stuff in the game knowing that these things cannot be seen in plain sight. Just simply download the application iFruit on your in-game’s mobile phone and select “Make Chop Hunt for Pick-Ups,” where the dog will sniff around and look for the secret stuff hidden.
  • Max Out Your Weapons- You can actually get the most from your firearms, and you will want to level them up as fast as you can to improve the accuracy, the bullet capacity and your firing capability which can become more effective if you use it frequently during gunfights, heists, and hunting.
  • Relax and enjoy the game- You might have thought that the side missions and activities are useless when it comes to getting your criminal life going on, however, it can give you more boost for your character like frequently running, swimming, doing some yoga, playing golf which can improve particular stats and improve your stamina at the same time. These activities can give you more time to enjoy the game rather than focusing on shooting people and robbing banks.
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