The No-frills Guide to Playing Forza Horizon 4

By on June 1, 2019

If you are up for a driving simulation around real-life Britain, it is time that you consider forza horizon 4 mobile, which is created by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios. It was initially released on October 2, 2018, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

It was then followed by forza horizon 4 android and forza horizon 4 ios. Forza Horizon is the 4th title as well as the 11th installment in the series. As a beginner, you have to learn about the nitty-gritty of forza horizon 4 android gameplay to become the best.

However, many consider forza horizon 4 apk at the onset. With this, you will be assured of fantastic gameplay. This will allow you to enjoy crazy races on every device. In the end, this will give you access to different modes like Special Events, Campaign and Multi-player.

Before you think about the forza horizon 4 apk download, you should consider the following no-frills guide to playing forza horizon 4 on phone:

Understand credits

You must be aware that getting new cars and new skills are completed through the in-game currency called Credits or CRs. There are different ways of earning CRs and as a player, you have to maximise the output.


The first thing you need to do is to complete the challenges. You can also try Wheelspins, a rewarding mini-game. For more information, you should consider 

Identify Barn Finds

In forza horizon 4 mobile download, Barn Finds refer to hidden sheds or huts. It is important that you find Barns because it contains rare and classic vehicles, which you cannot unlock or purchase any other way. Remember that Barns are scattered around the world and with persistence and effort, you will absolutely come across it. 

Purchase special buildings for Fast Traveling

The mobile forza horizon 4 is massive. With such a huge map, sometimes driving all the way to the next challenge feel unnecessary not to mention tedious. In this case, you need to purchase special buildings that allow you to travel fast.

Keep in mind that there are ten in total but you have to spend a lot of CRs for this. You need to invest in these special buildings because it can save you the effort and time traveling. In the end, you can cut the boring filler on your way.

Pick car wisely

You have to remember that in android forza horizon 4, different weather conditions and surfaces prompt for the use of a suitable car. With this, you need to pick your car wisely especially during events.

Optimise your Assistant

Do not forget that in a forza horizon 4 download, you are given an Assistant. Your AI companion is Anna and she can offer a lot if you learn how to optimise her. The key here is to give the instruction to Anna. 

Bottom Line

The forza horizon 4 for android offers an incredible experience and it is best when explored on your own pace. There are a plethora of new things and features so it is important that you know things by heart before starting your racing adventure.

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