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By on June 12, 2022

Durian fans will appreciate it: the king of fruits is in availability, and you might already have smelled it wafting from your neighboring fruit stands. Because you can’t take fruits on mass buses or even into a taxi to get the house, these seven outstanding durian delivery singapore will satiate your demands and serve the product right to your doorway.

  • Durian Delivery Singapore barely takes about 10 hours to transport freshly delivered durians from our whole orchard in Malaya to their Singaporean outlets. You don’t even need to put on some shoes to get your fingers on class skin since they can transport it to your home in under three hours.
  • The Mao Shan Yi, Malaysia Trademark Black Gold, and Pahang Old Tree are among their specialties. Durian Deliveries Singaporean also offers a variety of durian-filled baked goods as a present for special celebrations or when you don’t like to get your fingers dirty. They’re filled with 100% durian cream for a rich aroma in every swallow.
  • Durian Kingdom Singapore is a small home-based enterprise with a devoted fan base for their durians — simply look at their Facebook page for testimonials. Advise the client on Facebook Messenger for pricing on their existing dragon fruit, and you’ll get a computerized price list.
  • Melvin’s Durian includes Ssw, Jin Xing, Black Jewel, Little Ku Yang, D1, D13, and other durian kinds starting at $11/KG. If you’re throwing a durian party at your house, you may save money with their bundle discounts, ranging from $109 for a group .” to $288 with 12KG.
  • Durian Pappa is known for its MSW durians grown on their farm in Pahang, Indonesia. They’re distinct in that they seal and freeze your durians right away.

durian delivery singapore

How do I place an online durian order?

  • Add the item to your basket and enter your password, login, mobile number, email address, and payment method in the main switchboard. You can also contact or text the company to place an order.
  • You may certify that your payment has been processed and validated correctly by acknowledging receipt.
  • As you decompress, expect your meals to arrive. Durians will be delivered to your home, delicious yet smooth.

However, internet sales account for a considerable fraction of their earnings, with the remainder traveling to transporters and smaller shops. Delicious and juicy are used can be purchased from durian outlets throughout Indonesia. They only preserve and distribute fresh produce that has passed our stringent screening, so you know you’re getting the newest.

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